Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Happy Birthday Dominique! Congrats on being 21. Here is a little card I made for her special day:

I watched a movie called In Bruges with Colin Ferrell & Brendon Gleeson. It was shot in beautiful Belgium. Here are some of my faves from flickr.

1. Bruxelles : Saint Michel, 2. Great market, Brussels, Belgium, 3. Bell Tower, 4. St.-Nikolaus-Kirche und Belfried, Gent, Flandern/Belgien, 5. Cathedral Antwerp under a blue sky, 6. Military Hospital Antwerp [HDR], 7. Antwerp. Railway station., 8. Railway Cathedral, Antwerp, 9. Gent, Belgium, 10. Graffiti street - Gent, 11. flying shoes from Gent, 12. reflection in Gent, 13. Gent,.......Belgium., 14. Xmas in Brugge (Bruges), 15. L'ajuntament de Mechelen, 16. Poppies field III, 17. Carwash, 18. The Brabo Fountain, Antwerp., 19. Thy Kingdom Is Gone, 20. Brussels Remembers 1958, 21. Orange & blue, 22. New Guillemin station in Li├Ęge, 23. Belgium Brussels, Place du grand sablon, 24. Tervuren, Belgium, 25. war, 26. Homeland #2, 27. night at the Gent's channels/ Noche enlos canales de Gante, 28. Grote Markt - Schoenmarkt - Sint-Romboutskathedraal, 29. Inside Chateau de Miranda, 30. Alone in the fog

More later, I'm off to the Marin Headlands for a photo shoot!

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Donna. said...

I just love when you post your favorite pics! Always a happy thing to see. Belgium is beautiful. I had never considered visiting there before.

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