Friday, August 1, 2008

Construction 129 & Battery Spencer: photo heavy

My cousin Jeff & I went on an adventure on Wednesday. Jeff brought his camera too, so it was a bit of a photo walk. We started off at the top of the Marin headlands at Construction 129 (I was calling it Battery Townsley earlier). Here is the first tunnel entrance to the other side of the mountain.

What a surprise it was to find such neat "cave paintings" as we walked along the darkened tunnel. We had to flash the wall to get this exposure.

The view from the tunnel exit. See the red arrow? That's where the Harry Potter style door is. Wouldn't even know, would you? Reminds me of a portal or something.

So its not technically going directly into a tree. But it was hidden pretty well. At lot had changed in three weeks. Fresh graffiti. I think graffiti can be art but not when it ruins such history. They even tagged the tree. :(

Jeff & I continue on through the second tunnel which had two open rooms. I'm not sure why they weren't closed off like the others. When we looked into this room, I was jolted a bit by this:
There was more artwork in the room but I couldn't trick my camera into taking a photo. Jeff was able to get his point and shoot to. Just a few feet from the rooms is the housing of where a gun would have been.

The view looking in:

And a comparison that I found on National Park Service website:

There was a trail up above called the Hawk Hill trail so we decided to hike up to the top. It was quite wet on the trail, and even muddy in some spots. When we got to the top we saw a bunker and several platforms where artillery may have been placed.

Normally, I would not venture into the bunker, but I had Jeff with me. I wanted to go in and see what it looked like inside. It was hidden pretty well from the top and the other side. Dirt and plants were growing around it. It goes underground one level but we didn't go down since it has a bit of a lake down there with garbage.

I was amused that someone tagged the bunker with "ATC" in neon green paint. I am working on some Artist Trading Cards right now.

People started showing up at the top, so we hiked back down and went through the final tunnel. The second part of the battery was never completed because it was decided that it wasn't needed.

We drove back down the mountain to Battery Spencer. The modeling I did three weeks before was inside the green building. All the windows let in beautiful light.

View from inside one of the buildings looking across.

Emplacement for gun. See above link for photos with gun.

Can you find Jeff in this photo? Getting a little goofy after having explored for a while.

The lovely view of the Golden Gate Bridge. Its quite rare for it to be clear on this side of the bridge. Yes Misty, you were incredibly lucky when you visited last October!

I didn't mention how incredibly windy it was, but it was so bad that we had enough after that. We drove down the mountain and into Sausalito to grab a bite. We had a little difficulty with all of the bicyclists taking over the whole road. But we made it. Its a very touristy spot so parking was hard to find and so was a place to eat. Here is one of the cute little streets:

We found a non crowded Deli and then made our way out to the bay to sit and enjoy the blue sky and sunny weather. Such a change from the weather in the headlands. The bicycle tours get on to the ferry and ride back over to San Francisco once they arrive in Sausalito. Jeff and I wonder where they fit all of the bikes on that thing!

We drove back to foggy Pacifica after enjoying the nice weather for a while. Thanks for letting me share our photo walk. And if you made it all the way down to the end, I hope you enjoyed the tour. Have a great weekend.


Holly said...

Wow. That was so cool. I love history about places like that. Makes me want to go check it out for myself. Thanks for sharing! Hope you have a great weekend. :0)

Kelly said...

I love MJ posts with lots of pictures and info..I hope you have a chance to post some for us while in Europe..hint hint! Does your phone work there or is it on Roaming?

I wanna know if I'll be able to text

Anonymous said...

That was quite a tour. Do you think the bunker was from WW 2? I think it might have been since they were afraid the Japanese were going to attack the West Coast. (Learn lots from someone ancient like me.)

danilouwho said...

wow! how cool..... very interesting!

Momma Twitch said...

When do you go to Europe again?? You're too lucky! I love reading/looking at your photo posts. :)

Jill Deiling said...

wow i bet it was so much to go exploring through there! I loove the photos that you got, youre such a good photographer!!

Marie said...

That truly was a great tour! Loved it!!!

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