Thursday, August 28, 2008

Happy Friday!

Had a fun shin dig with a bunch of friends on Monday night. We played rock band and goofed off like we always do. Two of my favorite photos from that night:

Dan gave me my birthday present early so I can get used to it before my trip. I don't turn 24 until September 8th. I really wanted to take advantage of the good weather and I'll be with Jess besides! I have had about a week with this camera and love how light weight it is and its wide angle. It has a large screen, but no viewfinder because of it. Love that turning off the preview allows me to shoot faster and I adore that I can make low res videos too. Got my Eurail Global pass in the mail and my bajillion memory cards for the trip. Yes ladies and gentlemen, I'll be bringing 58GB with me. After all, it is 60 days of photography! Also got a silly piece of mail from my lovely friend Amy! Isn't she cute?
Jenny & I went to Japantown to look at some cute paper. We were looking around a store when I happened upon a lot of puppy calendars. Of course they were published by the company I temped for back in February/March. They didn't have the calendars that I worked on but I found the horses here! I dabbled in a few dog breeds as well but spent the most time on editing the horses. I got such a feeling of pride when I saw it. I will probably have to order myself one to remember that time.

I was also excited to find hi chews, a really chewy fruit candy that my friend Suzanna introduced to me two years ago. Yummy!
And to top it off, I found a Black Uni-Ball Signo UM-153. They had it in several other colors but I liked black best. I have several of the unicorns already...

We're going through a heat spell again. Went on a walk on Linda Mar beach with my cousin Kelley last night. Got a little splashed by the waves and it felt good (very rare). Met Eva & kids in San Bruno to play at the park. This photo is a perfect example of when a fill flash is needed. It was a cool 93*! Inland it was supposed to get up to 105.
Cooled off in Pacifica where it was about 85ish. Hung out with Jenna and friends then ate pie at a deserted mall at 10pm tonight. Tons of laughs and memories. It was key lime pie in case you were wondering.


Misty said...

I was really wondering what kind of pie it was. thanks for including that!!

I'm so excited about your trip. I'm gonna miss talking to you regularly though. Be sure to blog lots so I can keep up.

Anonymous said...

Holy Smokes! 58 GB's. I have a 2GB in my camera and I can take about 900 pictures with it. I guess you will have a lot of fun sorting through all the pictures when you get back.
Have great trip. Love, Aunt Virginia

Sasha said...

Girl Hi-Chews are the bomb ...OMG that is all we ate in Japan, well heck that is where they are .. but I love the strawberry and lemon ones .. yummy ... hee hee ..

*Fauve* said...

:) That Dino is so cute :D

aja said...

i'm so jealous.
you're going to have such a fabulous time!
take tons of photos {like i really need to tell you to do that!}

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