Sunday, August 10, 2008


I drove to Hambly first thing Friday morning. Here is one of the entrances:
No surprise, I was the first to arrive and they were still putting out the finishing touches. They have a really great family/small business vibe that I really admire. everyone was very welcoming and so fun. I was a bit silly with my entrance. I threw up my arms and said, "I'm here!" Allison wasn't there so I took my time shopping.
I was surprised when Ginger walked in and recognized me from Scrap Mojo. She was shopping for a whole bunch of people, one of them was Marie. Ginger let me call Marie on her iPhone and chat with her. We totally caught her off guard.
They didn't have any of the new rub ons yet. Can't wait to get my hands on those cameras!
Allison arrived back at the studio and we talked about her trip to Europe that she took a few years ago. I'm loving all of the advice that I am collecting. Then she took me back behind the scenes. The silk screen printers do not work on Friday's so they don't give tours on Friday's. Of course I had to see it! I love that they leave the ink right there on the screen. I didn't realize that rub ons were made the exact same with with just more layers of ink.
Pretty ink/paint cans that they used for the 2008 Summer CHA display:
This screen had a calendar on it:
I loved seeing the silk screening area but the art department was the best. What more could a girl ask for than a light table and a dark room with a bunch of Hambly overlays all over the place?
Allison had a table in a room with stuff all over. I wish I had such a large table to work at! I could work on multiple projects and leave them out.
Storage for the stickers:
I had such an incredible time at Hambly Studios. They told me to come back any time I was in the area. Too cool! Of course I bought a ton of stuff, including limited editions or the new designs, and the regular new designs. Allison even gave a me a few of the mock ups of the camera overlays. I'll add a photo of my purchases here in the morning.

Friday was such a great day. That evening i met Kristi at the Scrapbook Depot to scrap. We have so much fun together and its even more fun when we shock other scrappers with our unique personalities. We love Carina! We've already signed up to go back in two weeks. Can't wait!

Went to Per's house warming in Half Moon Bay on Saturday afternoon. It was also a birthday celebration/get together for a bunch of his co-workers from Oracle. I met so many cool people that all had amazing stories. The food was incredible and I was so thrilled to be included in the festivities. I met another photographer named Michelle. She was so full of stories and places that I have to go in Italy. Sita made an incredible meal. Food kept appearing for hours. I tried so many different plates that were delicious.
Sita and Steve are visting from Italy. Sita's father is a night/panoramic photographer. We're hoping that we can arrange for me to meet him and see some of his work while I'm in Italy!

Per's incredible view. I say I live at the beach, but its really two short blocks away, not my backyard!

And here's my favorite part of his side yard. And outside shower!
I'm packing for my trip to Yosemite. My family and I celebrate my Mom's birthday there every year. This is the first year that I'm bringing my laptop, but I am not sure that I'll have any success at finding an internet connection. So check back and leave me some love. I'll do my best to post a few photos! I'll be home on Saturday. <3


Cathy said...

oh wow

Misty said...

so glad you enjoyed your hambly trip. looking forward to seeing Yosemite pictures.

Michelle said...

Oh, have fun!! And dude, you got ot go to Hambly?? That rocks!! It looks so fun! i applied at a screenprinting place a while ago and got to walk around and see all the machines and it was so cool! =) Yay!

shelly b said...

sounds like such fun...wish I could have went to hambly when I was out there! (don't think the hubs would have enjoyed!) What a great weekend!

redmom said...

I'm SO jealous that you got to go to Hambly...that rocks!!! I can barely get the stuff up here. :(

Holly said...

*sniffle* I'm still so jealous of your Hambly tour. ;0) Awesome stuff!

Misty said...

What were you thinking texting folks at 1030 then again at midnight?!?!

Babydoll said...

WOW!! FUN..FUN...FUN!! I'm soooo jealous!! LOL! Glad you had a blast!

Vee said...

that is awesome that you were at the hambly stopping grounds!! :) It looks so cool behind the scenes :)

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