Wednesday, August 20, 2008

*Scrap Mojo 20* No More Kings

Challenge #20 is up over at Scrap Mojo. The challenge is to use an episode title from School House Rock some where on your project. The other half is to incorporate glitter. Hope lots of you can play! Due August 30th.

I got a chance to play with my new Hambly overlays!
These past few days have been such a whirl wind that Monday feels like it was last week. I ran a bunch of errands all day Monday. I did get a chance to relax and finish reading Deception Point. Ooh was that good. I learned so much about ice, plankton, meteorites, and NASA. I started reading The Time Traveler's Wife and find it hard to put down. I'm trying to balance reading travel books and a fun book too.

Celebrated my mom's birthday at my aunt's house on Monday night. I enjoyed catching up with them and looking at their photos from their European trip from 2005.
In other fun news, I finally broke down and replaced my sad broken iPod. The apple store has a recycling program which gives you 10% off when you purchase a new one! I bought the silver one but haven't had a chance to do a photo shoot with it so here it is off of their website.
I got my beautiful Whimsy jar from Chez at the beginning of this week and I loved digging through all the fun stuff. Thanks so much for happy mail!

And finally, a very belated photo mosaic of France. I have three great grandparents that lived near the Pyrenees. And family in Lyon and various other parts of the country. So without further ado, my favorite photos from Flickr!
1. Indiscretion, 2. Palace Of Versailles (Chateau De Versailles), 3. Versailles / Le Hameau, 4. Cahors cathedral (HDR), 5. An sunny afternoon at Eus, 6. city hall in Paris, 7. the Concorde square by night in Paris, 8. autumn begins in paris, 9. Paris Cathedral, Notre Dame, 10. Notre Dame at Twilight, Paris, 11. Crozon Morgat - brittany - France, 12. Hotel de Ville, Lyon, France, 13. Arles, France, 14. Calanque (Provence / Côte d'Azur, France), 15. Cascade des Tufs - Baume les Messieurs - Jura - France, 16. Moulin de Chambeuil - Auvergne - France, 17. BOUTIQUE A HONFLEUR (FRANCE), 18. Moroccan flavours in the South of France, 19. Petite France, 20. Solar Furnace France @CNRS, 21. France, Rodez - Cathedral, 22. France, Strasbourg la cathedrale, 23. Chateau Chenonceau, Loire Valley, France, 24. + The Castle (en France) +, 25. Aisle of the Cathedral of Chartes, France.


Rachel said...

I loved the Time Traveler's Wife. It is, hands down, my favorite love story novel. It only gets better!

danilouwho said...

The Time Traveler's Wife is my favorite book of all time. It really is, I've read it over and over so many times! Right now my husband and I are reading it together getting ready for the movie when it comes out!

redmom said...

Your layout rocks with that habmly!! You must me totally pumped about your trip, enjoy to the fullest!

Holly said...

Can't wait for you to get to go on your trip! You must be getting so excited. WIsh I could stow away in your luggage. LOL! Cute LO for Scrap Mojo!!

Michelle said...

oooh..lovely mojo page, girl! :) And the time Traveller's Wife is my fave - I've read it so much it's dog-eared. It's the best! Also, France is the best! Lovely! I wish I'd had more time to spend there when I went!! hope everything is fab! :)

Lizee said... im not digging the new mojo challenge, but i totally love your layout!!! makes me wanna look for my *very* old dc pics.

I'll have to put the time travelers wife on my 2 read list..based on blog comments the book is a hit. Im currently reading the history of SNL (1975-2002) im barely on 1977!

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