Thursday, August 7, 2008

Fun Things

I put together a Whimsy jar for Cathy and now I can share it. So glad you love it!

I was planning to steal Jenna's digi camera to make something cool for you blog readers out there. But she needs it for a picnic so it looks like that will have to happen via still images instead. My hint has to do with this post. One of the many reasons why I love living in the bay area.

Dan got a Wii on Monday and managed to leave it unopened. He didn't mention it until late Wednesday night. I convinced him to set it up tonight. We played so many different Wii sports that my heart was racing at the end. Pathetic? Maybe, but its fun. Wii fit, here I come!

Played scrabble with my grandma and beat her by two points. Its been a while since I've played and I worked really hard to win. :) My third time I've beat her, but whose counting?

Wednesday night was my last official night of the dark room. I won't be in the Fall class since I'll be an international traveler. I got a lot of great advice from my professor and classmates. They are priceless fountains of knowledge. I also met this incredible girl today at work that gave me a bunch of great tips for traveling light. I'm so excited, can you tell? :D

Have a Hambly weekend!


Marie said...

Ohhh so excited for you!!!! I need to go to that tmw! Damn! Im going on sat! POOP! Wii is fun i love bowling. My kids and i play it a lot. Right now we got the x box wii and ps3 here! We are rocking the game systems lol!

Chez said...

have a hambly weekend ROFL nice!

Kelly said...

Can you please take a chip bag with you....I want to make sure if you start hyper ventilating again you're covered.

Love ya and wish I was going to Hambly with

Holly said...

I'm envious of nearly everything about this post...LOL! That jar of whimsy has some pretty treasures in it...lucky girl! And, I wish that I could go to that Hambly warehouse gig. Oh, and Wii Fit...I've been wanting one for a while now. We can't find them ANYWHERE around here. Everyone's sold out. Have a fabulous weekend!

Rachel said...

I looooove our Wii! We just got Mario Kart, and it's pretty much all we do these days!

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