Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Two Days & Counting!

Jenna arrives home from her schooling in London on Friday afternoon! Can you believe that its been 3 & 1/2 months? We've been saving a lot of little special Christmas traditions for her arrival so we have tons to look forward to. I plan to take even more pictures than I have been this month already.

We caught up with Kelly on Monday, Dec. 1 and played some Wii. The last time we saw her, we fell asleep around 9pm due to jet lag. Don't I look so much more awake there?
We had our customer appreciation night at the Christmas store on Decmber 2nd. Got a bunch of postcards in return for discounts. What a pretty mix of colors!
Wednesday night I had the pleasure of going to my Grandmother's Photo Club Christmas party. She has been an active member for 30 years and this was really exciting for me since I've heard so much about it. Both my grandparents have many competitions many times! I was so impressed that they spelled my last name correctly.Rossmoor is always a great place for beautiful leaves. I saw this one on my way to my car. I drove home Thursday in time for work. Then I worked some on my mojo layout.
I didn't take any photos on Friday. I stayed inside and scrapped a bit. Made a big mess and loved cleaning it up. I love organizing! Saturday I worked at the store and got this cool shot:
Then Dan & I hung out at Kristi's house for some holiday fun. I won gift certificates at ScrapGal during their holiday crop. I had so much fun! We made cookies and I laughed a ton.


Anonymous said...

Seems like your having so much fun lately! What did you play on the Wii???

Hope your holidays are going along happily!

Nathalie Kalbach said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun!!!!

Unknown said...

And why were you laughing so much at Kristi's...? Hmmmm...?

Rachel said...

Making a big mess while scrapping, and then totally reorganizing it is one of my favorite parts of this great hobby!

Looks like you're enjoying the holiday all the photos :)

Fauve Design said...

You are so cute!Love to see you enjoying all that good stuff :D

nice cookies... ;)

Kristi said...

Oh good, the retard picture, lol! I had fun...yay for sugar cookies!

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