Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Oh Happy Day!

Happy Birthday Dan! Hope your day is oodles of fun with some celebrating tonight. I have a feeling the Wii might come out to play. ;) And yes, having a birthday so close to Christmas does mean having presents wrapped in Christmas paper!
Friday night we went to Lisa's 80's Christmas Sweater party. We had so much fun with all the funky sweaters and great food. Here are my favorite goofy photos:
Saturday was Lynne's annual Christmas party. I took fewer pictures and even got the whole party to sit for a group photo. I'm still working on making it into a panoramic shot, so that's coming soon. Kristi stopped by to return my lens that she was borrowing because I got my camera fixed! I'll be saving for my future Nikon D300, so I thought it best.
I love this time of year because of the great parties and yummy food. I'm still editing away on a photo project, so I must get back to it!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Dan!

Nathalie Kalbach said...

bwaahhhha. cheesy christmas Sweater Party - how funny is that!!!!

Merry Christmas to you!!!!

Babydoll said...

I always love looking at your fun pictures!! Merry Christmas!

Melissa Mann said...

love the idea of a sweater party!! Too fun!

Hope you and yours had a fantastic holiday weekend!


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