Friday, December 12, 2008


Jenna arrives home in just a few minutes and I am really excited to have her back in the house. It has been very different without her home. I've missed my little sister terribly.

I have some more pictures to share that will be going into my December daily mini album. Sunday night we celebrated Yolanda's birthday and had a great big family party. We had a blast sharing our photos from Europe and telling all kinds of stories.
I did a big blog special last year where I posted pictures of decorated houses in the area. Here is Dan's father's house all decorated for the holidays:Monday was extra special for me since Zena took the day off to bake cookies with me. This was our first year to bake together. We make snickerdoodles and spritz cookies. I have to admit that I got really inspired and went a little overboard with some of the shapes. I do have an obsession for pretzels lately.Dan joined in the baking after he got off work. I love this shot inspired by Kelly's photography challenge over at scrap gal. I've been watching a lot of movies with the Netflix "Watch It Now" feature. They finally made it available for Mac users-but only with the intel processors. My new favorite movie is Pillow Talk with Doris Day & Roc Hudson! If you haven't seen it, you should, its funny.

Wednesday I got the itch to make some glass beads-lampworking to those of you who make them. It was only my second time doing it, first time on my own. It had been two years since I took the class so I had to look back at pictures I took to get everything set up right. I only had about 2 hours by the time everything was working properly. I ended up having to move to Dan's garage due to wind blowing the flame and the sun going down. I loved this perspective and had Dan photograph it for me. If anyone wants to learn how to make beads, let me know.And here are the finished products, Christmas colors and all:
I woke up yesterday and found snowflakes on our kitchen window. What a smile I had. Jenna & I made them when we were in elementary school and my mom got them laminated so they would last all these years.Jenna arrived and we're off to pick up our Christmas tree. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Melonie said...

Ok those beads are gorgeou!!! This looks like so much fun but I'm not sure fire and I would mix well;) I'm a little on the clumsy side. Enjoy your time with your Sister.

Babydoll said...

Wow, those beads are really cool!

Kristi said...

Super fun stuff. I love that about the holiday season, always fun festive stuff going on! We should have taken a picture at the Depot and Broiler Express to add to your daily....we're bad documentors (ers?). LOL!

Anonymous said...

i want to learn how to make glass beads... yours are beautiful..
candy st. charles...

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