Tuesday, September 18, 2007

You'll never guess who I met today!

Emily Falconbridge and Maria Grace Abuzman! I went to the Scrapbook Territory in Berkeley today after visiting my grandma and they just happened to be shopping in the store. I couldn't believe me eyes. Funny enough, the first thing I noticed was that Maria had an awesome camera, and then I realized who she was. I knew it was Emily right away with her adorable girls! They were the sweetest people ever. This is enough proof why everyone should always carry a camera every where they go! I was so excited that I called up Misty for the first time ever and she was so fun to chat with!
Me with Emily

Maria & I

My small purchase for the day. They didn't have the new Hambly yet. I'm most excited to try out those Stickles that I've been hearing so much about!

I had so much fun visiting my grandma today. She bought a 2005 Volvo S40 this weekend and my mom forgot her camera. I had to document her excitement! I think this car is oh-so-pretty!

I shot a wedding on Saturday and it went beautifully. I had a wonderful experience and met a lot of really fun people. I'm so happy that the couple found each other. After I finished with the video camera I took a few shots for fun. Aren't those cakes just beautiful?


Misty said...

I'm so glad I got to share your excitement. Even if I didn't know who you were talking about. It was great talking to you for the first time. I've decided you are the one with the funny accent!

Dan said...

It's ok. I didn't know who they were either. She goes, "Oh my God. It's Emily Falconbridge!" Took me about 15 minutes to get an idea of who they were.

Yummers! said...

Lucky you in the scrapping store. What fun that would be!! Now go out there and make yourself as well-known as they are. Boy, if I was young I'd get my fingers into the scrapbook industry. 3 out of 4 households in the US have a Scrapper in them.

**melissa lee** said...

Hey chickie!!! SOunds like you had an awesome day there!!! And those stickles...are the GREATEST!!! I got the blue vinyl ones...*drool*...LOVE THEM!

Anyway - that Hambly album was 6"x6". I just took the one overlay that has 4 large squares on it, and cut it up and used each square as page!

Have a great day!

Michelle said...

aww, that's so cool that you ran into them Emily and Maria shopping!! he he...so cute!

Lizee said...

lucky girlee!!
what are the odds of running into scrap celebs in a scrap store!!
how cool is that!
and best of all you ran into wickedly talented scrappers:)

oy..misty didnt know what you were talkin about! next time call me!

I met Maria Grace two years ago, shes really nice.

dani said...

oh you lucky lucky girl!

your new goodies look like fun too!

emfalconbridge said...

it was so lovely to meet you! im so glad we are the same height too ;)

marygrace said...

Am I the shortest girl around or what? LOL. Great to meet you! Thanks for the photos. :)

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