Monday, September 24, 2007

Lots of photos...

Thanks for all of the incredibly sweet comments on the photos. I really appreciate your notes. They make me smile. :) Saturday afternoon this amazing surprise arrived at my door. Thanks Lizee for such an amazing birthday present. That card is gorgeous and it made my day!

And if that wasn't enough, my Hambly order arrived. I got so much stuff I just had to bring it with me so I could stare at these beauties!

Saturday evening I went to a birthday celebration/dance party for three family friends and had a wonderful time. Here is Anders, one of the birthday boys, dancing with young Johannes. These two were so incredibly funny to watch on the dance floor!

And here is Tom, another birthday boy, dancing with Gerd. I plan to get a pro account with flickr so I can post photos from all the different events I photograph.

The dessert table made it worth while and I didn't even know they would have such an yummy spread! Many of these are traditional Scandinavian desserts.

I modeled for Gino and a few students from a local community college yesterday. Here is my favorite photo that Gino took. You can see the rest of the shots from Wednesday's shoot here.

This bag caught my eye in Trader Joe's and I just had to have it. I'm really going through a bright colors phase. I used to collage a lot and really enjoyed it. And for those of you who shop at TJ's, it was inexpensive. Only $1.99!

A little something I did while enjoying the nice weather this afternoon. Sorry, but sneak peeks are all you get for now. :)


Michelle said... that sneak!! That picture of you is gorgeous!! And that bag with the pirate ship is awesome...=)

DancingMooney said...

I just LOVE reading your blog, you're always up to something crafty, and you really inspire me to use more COLOR! Love your dreamy photo shoot, and that desert spread! Omg!
Keep up all the goodness hun!

Misty said...

i think you are my favoreite blogger. Glad to see you modelin for the students went well.

See ya in less than 9 days!!

Jessica said...


too many goodies. :D

Boriquaz said...

is that fabric in ur sneak peek? love it. great picture of you!

**melissa lee** said...

Michelle!!! Great stuff, girlie! Love all the goodies...the picture is awesome! And that bag....*sigh*....I wish I had a Trader Joe's around here..I think it would quickly become one of my favorite places!

Have a rockin' week!

Marie said...

Dang girl this is a rockin eye candy blog post!!! I mean so much to say things about...let me see if i can remember....Cool for ur bday stuff from liz...lovin the hambly lucky girl!!! That pic is awesome! You are so pretty! Ummm sheesh the food looked yummy...and i cant remeber anything else lol! Oh yeah the bag i want i want!!!

dani said...

you always have such fun and full posts! I never know what to comment on!

Momma Twitch said...

Such great pictures!!!

Lizee said...

ok im dying to see the rest of the sneak peak...lookin good!

btw i ur such a natural beauty, you look amazing in every shot gino took.

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