Sunday, September 16, 2007

More facts about me

I got tagged by Cathy so here goes:

1. I was in a commercial for Tanforan, a local shopping center, when I was 3.

2. Dan says I am like film developer. I can handle 68*-72* but anything above or below that I can't handle.

3. I donated 12" of my hair in April 2006 to Locks of Love. I'm waiting for my hair to grow out to donate again.

4. My friend Mike recently told me I have the metabolism of a gerbil and that I need to carry a block of cheese with me wherever I go.

5. When I was 8, I told my mom I wanted to be in a beauty pageant. I didn't explain that I just wanted to have a crown. I didn't win, but I did get a crown that year for Christmas.

6. The first two years of my life I had green eyes like my mom. I really got my Dad's genes because they turned brown.

Another photo that makes me jaw drop... by Sosij


Misty said...

you would not survive in Alabama. We had 100+ temperatures for like 13 days in a row this summer.

Marie said...

Hahah thats very cool facts...You will never see me girl i had to slow it down frame by frame i am just a person in the took 9 hours to film but it was the best day of my life!!! Im on the guitar players side (darren).

Lizee said...

LOLOL Dan's comparison is too cute:)

do you have a tape of the commerical? id love to see it!

Michelle said...

cool random facts...=) I've been told that I, too, have the metabolism of a inspiring pic, too! =)

**melissa lee** said...

Very cool pic, MJ! And interesting facts about Y-O-U!!!

Have a great weekend!

Michelle said...

I do have the commercial on VHS tape. I don't know when I'll have the opportunity to make it digital. I'll let you know if and when I get that done.

Dan said...

But Dave tells us to only use it at 68, and you can't handle that. It's like you're in Antarctica when it's that cold :)

DancingDoodles said...

Tagged again! You're a popular girl!
We should do some wine and cheese tasting sometime! Lol...

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