Friday, September 28, 2007

Eva and her lovelies

Thanks for all of the compliments! I'm so happy everyone enjoys my posts.

Tuesday was East Bay day. Dan & I had fun test driving out my grandma's new car. It is oh so pretty! I do agree with my dad that its a little smaller than I am used to. Then we visited Dan's father's family in Danville and got everything figured out for our Washington D.C. trip.

I have been editing lots of photos and getting them printed so I will be completely prepared for the scrapbooking retreat in 6 days. I can't wait to meet some of you! I still have a lot to do before Thursday! While we were waiting for my photos, Dan & I enjoyed a quite dinner at the Elephant Bar. Their menu is so great that I can get something different every time I go there and love it!

I had the pleasure of hanging out with my beautiful friend Eva and her adorable children Josiah and Elizabeth. Josiah has grown so much since I last saw him. He can hold his head up now and he is "talking" a lot!

We celebrated my birthday yesterday since they were in Disneyland during it. We had a delicious lunch at BJ's Brewery. Elizabeth was so cute. She kept insisting that we needed a birthday cake. I think she was ok with substituting for the Chocolate Chip Pizookie.

Then I took Elizabeth to the play area while Eva and Josiah got some shopping done.

These past couple days I've been scrapping several projects at once. I'll try to post sneak peeks during the weekend. My creative mess from last night:


Boriquaz said...

pizookie ... i'm jealous u can have it whenever u want!!!

Michelle said...

cute pictures, Michelle!! =)

Misty said...

this time next week, I won't be typin you a message (well okay maybe I will) but can tell you in person!! I'm so freakin excited.

**melissa lee** said...

Love your blog, Michelle! You always have something interesting going on!! I love all the day trips you jealous!

Have a good weekend...oh, and thanks for the correct spelling for "that"!!!!!!

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