Saturday, September 15, 2007

What Scrapbook item are you?

I took this quiz and found out I am a pair of scissors. Not the most exciting thing I was hoping for but they are essential to lots of other things in life as well. What item are you?

Friday I had the pleasure of attending a wedding rehearsal to prepare for where I will be recording the event. Its on a private ranch of 90 acres! I am really excited about documenting this wedding later today. Here is where the ceremony will take place:


Misty said...

ewwww I'm fiber. be happy with being scissors!

just lisa said...

I was chalk!! I'm not feeling it though - doesn't completely sound like me! = ]

Lizee said...

i was scissors too:)

we're "cutting edge"...LOL

Those questions were random!

Mrs. Chez said...

booo I was paper, what the heck. I hope it what patterend LOL!

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