Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I got tagged

I'll play along. Here are 6 interesting facts about me:

1. I need to let loose when I ink, chalk, or paint something.

2. I suddenly started to like the color pink about two months ago!

3. I think its weird when someone has a longer second toe then their big toe.

4. I love it when something random happens in life.

5. I get my inspiration from shopping bags, ads, and hang tags from clothing.

6. I took a design class in college and loved it, probably as much as photography!


And eye candy that inspires me. By Jeneyepher on flickr:


Michelle said...

whoa...that photo is awesome! Great inspo! Love the random facts...=)

Misty said...

guess I need to check your blog daily. I thought I checked it regularly...

I guess I'll play along as well.

Marie said...

hahahaha I have a longer 2nd toe then my big toe! So :P lol!

JenEyePher said...

Thanks for enjoying my photo.
I love when I find photographs to inspire me.
Have a wonderful weekend.

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