Tuesday, September 11, 2007

a quick one

Beautiful flowers I got from Dan and my boss Leo:

The clothes portion of my presents... The t-shirt with a photo is specially designed by my sister. She is on the right and Tiffany is on the left. Altered with a sharpie marker. So silly and creative. I plan to color in the shoes with sharpies too.

And, my most sought after stamps arrived yesterday!

I got a bunch of photos printed so I'm planning to work like crazy and get lots of layouts done. I'm also applying to a design team so I probably won't be able to share until the call is over. Maybe a sneek peek every once in a while though... Have a great day!


Marie said...

Wow awesome!!! Very sweet flowers! :)

Anonymous said...

Those flowers are beautiful! And looks like you got all kinds of great goodies! Yay!!

Momma Twitch said...

What kind of stamps are those??

Boriquaz said...

Yah for presents!!

Michelle said...

ooooh....the coveted stamps...=) Have fun with them!! They take some getting used to..and that Impress ink you got used to be my favoritest ink EVER!! he he..it's great! Good luck with the DT appy...can't wait to see some peeks!

Anonymous said...

Hey Look! You've been tagged! *See my blog for details*

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