Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Hambly Rocks!

I met such a fun group of ladies last night at the Hambly class that Allison Kreft taught! I had a wonderful time chatting about all sorts of things. I have to say my favorite part of the night was when Allison asked me about camera gear. I'll talk all night about camera equipment! Her class was super fun and I learned to not use my products so sparingly. The clearly heavy overlays rock my world!

I made the discovery that I like to stand while I scrap (at least last night I did). Daniela took this picture of Allison and I.

The acrylic album I made for Jenna is a Christmas present. The photos are from when Mike visited this summer. I had so much fun making this for her.

The class kit (after I made my album) included 4 sheets of rub ons and 5 overlays (the orange is a limited edition). One 12x12 clearly heavy overlay also came in it. We got a whole bunch of scraps too, yum!

Of course I had to do some shopping while at My Daughter's Wish. I tend to go overboard if I shop while taking a class. It just adds up a little at a time. I doesn't help that Allison kept finding these cool things that i decided I had to have ! And yes, those are the incredibly cool new Clearly Heavy Overlays by Hambly. they are just shipping now.

My order from Everything Scrappn arrived today. The prices are incredible so you should definitely take a peek at Heather's online store.


Unknown said...

Michelle, your book turned out super cute! It was great hanging out with you last night!

Kelly said...

The book turned out super cute! You so heart Hambly! lol

Chez said...

yeah, what Kelly said. I agree sooo super cute! nice work. I may have to try the clear stuff.

Unknown said...

Dang girl! I am super jealous at all the cool scrap stuff you got going on!!! ANd that book is super duper awesome!!! I love it! Hambly is da bomb!

Holly said...

Oh, Michelle...I'm so, so, so jealous that you got to take that class! I LOVE your little mini book! Sounds like you had a lot of fun, and got some good new scrappy stuff! :0)

chenguna said...

Hi Michelle this is Michelle aka chenguna00 from AMM. I visited your blog for the first time and I luv it.I bookmarked it so I can visit you often. Luv your trip to DC and the pics are awesome cuz all of them are totally different from what I could have ever done. They are great? Just wanted to pass by and say hello to ya. I am going to Cali at the end of the month but I see you are in Sisco so I dont think I could even say I wish we could hang out. Would have love to meet you in person though. Have a great weekend.

Michelle Kemper Brownlow said...

Enjoyed your project!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE to scrapbook - have you done the scarpping cruise??

Melissa Mann said...

Girlie!! LOVE that mini book!! It is GORGEOUS!!! Wish I coulda been there too!!!

Have a great weekend!

Angela Christenson said...

I love all of your goodies. I've been tryin to get some of these items from 2 peas but some of them are all sold out. Especially the noteworthy collection. I love those papers.

Lizee said...

lucky lucky lucky

did i mention ur lucky???

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