Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Here are the five items I purchased during my Forever 21 shopping spree from last week. I got a simple red sweater, a zippered sweatshirt with cute cloud doodles, a beautiful turquoise jeweled dress, a blue/gray down jacket, and a blue thermal shirt.

Here is a picture of Kelly, Jenna, Me, Otto, Kaelynn, and Tiffany at Nick's Restaurant from a few weeks ago. We had so much fun dancing to the live music. Thanks Kelly for the picture!

I'm hosting this week's challenge over at EBB. I'd love if any of you would participate. The challenge is to create a layout for the beginning or ending of your album. My first album is full of double page layouts so I have two blank pages. My challenge to you is to make a cliff's notes or table of contents page using your index prints. If you don't have index prints, recreate them!

I took 2 of my favorite photos from each page and printed them index print size. You can post links in the comments section or upload to the EBB Gallery. I decided to not over embellish this lo since I want it to match the style of my very first album. Due by Sunday December 2nd over at EBB or whenever for here!

I came home from work today and this put a smile on my face. My mom really likes to garden and loves to find yard art.

She didn't like the original pink color in the owl's eye so she painted it green to match the bird house. I get my creativity from her.

Monday was errand day for me. I think I hit about 9 different stores/places in a little under 4 hours. I found a fun gag gift for my sister that I just couldn't wait to give her. My mom came home after dark and nearly had a heart attack when she saw this rock "in" Jenna's window on the porch.

I've started cleaning and making room for Christmas decorations. It will probably be a few more days before I can take pictures to share. I've been working a lot at the Christmas store lately so I'm really in the holiday spirit.

Went for a walk with Dan's dog Brewster yesterday and it felt so nice to be walking outside in the cool air and enjoying my surroundings. Several people were outside putting up Christmas lights and other holiday decorations.

I am so excited that I won a $10 gift certificate to scrap gal and an etsy surprise form Dani. I can't wait to see what it is. Thanks so much! You know you rock!


Holly said...

Love, love, love that little owl on the birdhouse! Too cute! And, I'm still jealous over your shopping trip to Forever 21. ;0) I SO miss that store!

*Paint & Ink Chick* said...

Hey, girl. Thanks for seeing bout me lol. I feel yuking again today, but I so need to post my DT , LO for tomorrow lol Stop by and play with us. Hugs:)

Chez said...

Oh and don't forget the 2lbs of See's candy for MEEEEEEEE!!!!!! LOL I ate some today yumma! Ty ty

Unknown said...

Love that owl! Ur page is super cute! Love all the stuff u bought too!

Michelle said...

...oooh...good luck!! =) And I just made sort of a title page with index pics...he he...must have read this and subconciously just made it...=) funny stuff

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