Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Riley and 1925!

I adore the Love Elsie Riley line so much! Thanks to Lizee for the paper and Dani for picking up all of the other cool Riley embellishments for me! Here are 6 pages from the album I started for Dan while I was on the retreat. More pages will be coming soon. It was a hit with Dan!

Dan got incredibly bored at my house on Monday night and he surprised me completely when he made this anniversary card for me! It was so fun watching him use my stuff! I'm totally going to lift the paint splotches he made. Just dab a little paint and then drag it out with a needle.

I met Dan after work and we drove to Palo Alto to celebrate our anniversary. We had a wonderful time at the Palo Alto Creamery. They were established in 1925. Dan got his favorite cherry coke and we had a good old time. Here is the board that cracks us up every time we go there.

I adore the coat hangers they have at each booth. You can see one in the back right part of the picture with Dan in it. I adore diners!

I broke out that necklace I made since I forget to wear my own jewelry so much!

After dinner we took a leisurely stroll and went to the Stanford Theater. It was Dan's first time and I was so excited to introduce him to such an experience. The theater opened in 1925. Yes, we had a theme for the night! We saw a wonderful movie with Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert called It Happened One Night. I laughed so hard. If you get a chance to find this movie from 1934 I highly recommend it!

The bathroom walls are so beautiful in the theater I had to take a photo. This is not the first time I've been caught taking photos in a bathroom.

The beautiful stairs up to the balcony level of the theater. The details all over amaze me! We definitely plan to go back more frequently.


Lizee said...

look at that booty shot!!!

i glad Dan loved the album. It looks great!:)

Misty said...

you wanna know how I know you're a nerd.....you take pictures of bathroom walls!!

Haha I couldn't resist. I love that you take random pictures of random things, makes your pictures exciting. you never know what you will see!!

Glad Dan liked his book and sounds like ya'll had a great night together!

Melissa Mann said...

Beautiful layouts, MJ!!! Loved looking at them!! You used that Elsie line really well!

Love all the pictures...I always enjoy reading your blog! I love all the interesting things you do and experience!

Have a great week!

Chez said...

omg I love the new pages!! I cannot believe Dan made that card, how rockin is that..or sucktastic! lol too funny. Glad you had a good time.

Rachael said...

Great layout!!!

Those steps are so gorgeous!!

Momma Twitch said...

The album looks GREAT!! I love reading your blog! :)

Michelle said...

Happy anniversary! =) You two are so cute! he he..love the album you made...and love the envelope he made..so funny. =) I think you asked me some questions on my blog last time, but I can't remember what they were..he he....hope all is well! =) I loooove that old theatre! To die for! Looks like a fun night!

dani j. said...

yay! I was wondering when we were going to see what you made with all that riley goodness! love it, very fun!

Holly said...

Good lawdy girl! You've been busy! Love all your new LO's. And that "sucktastic" card...GREAT! Happy anniversary! :0)

Unknown said...

Wow!! You have done a ton of layouts and they are all freakin fantastic!!!

Dan is a cutie! Look at that sucktastic card! LMAO!!!

SOunds like u guys had a wonderful time! Yipee!!! You two are adorable!

Anonymous said...

Wow, nice scraping...love the colors and the photos. You have a flare for this!
(You get this from me!)

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Why isn't there a warning that if you double click, your comment will be posted twice?
(I didn't get this from you!)

Unknown said...

Your book came out fabulously. And that sucktastic card was so fantastic lol

Jessica said...

that album is great mj. :) i'm so jealous over all your layouts! the stomach flu is ruining my scrap life!!

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