Friday, November 2, 2007

Let's play catch up

Before I went to Washington D.C. I had the opportunity to photograph a Dram concert at Henrik Ibsen park. I loved how they had their lights up. It was a beautiful event and I had a wonderful time. I know I would enjoy being an event photographer since I enjoy being around lots of people!

I found this amazing Secret Sister package when I returned. Thanks Kelly! You know me so well.

These adorable journal labels arrived as well. You can order them from Two Girlz Stuff. Thanks Aja!

Fresh Choice is my favorite laid back restaurant to go to right now since I'm going through a bread pudding phase. Dan & I went there for a quick dinner on Monday night. Tuesday I helped Vicky and Chesco alter and fix their Halloween costumes. I don't have any photos but I am dying to see how they looked on Halloween. Vicky had a vampress dress that we changed into Tia Dalma's dress from Pirates of the Caribbean. She won first place for her costume at work. Congrats Vicky!

I dropped my laptop off on Wednesday, to the apple store to get the back light replaced. I'm hoping to get it back in about a week. If I don't reply to messages right away its due to my lack of laptop. Then Dan treated me to a wonderful dim sum lunch at King Wah's. Taro is my new favorite dim sum!

Jessica invited Dan & I to a fun Halloween party in San Jose. Everyone had such imaginative costumes. Here is my Renaissance-esque costume with Jessica the angel. My outfit was a bit last minute but I still had a blast.

I couldn't help but post the funny version of the Angel (Jessica), God on vacation (Katie), and the Devil (Maria). I met a lot of really nice people and got to spend some time with a lot of friends I haven't seen in a while. I had a great time catching up with Lily. My newest addiction is Guitar Hero. I know I'm behind in the times a bit but I don't own a playstation.

I've also been a busy little scrapper. A few more pages from my Halloween mini album:


Kelly said...

lol I loved the lights at that place, excellent photos! Rachel was a devil...although I asked where her hooker heels are...she's a bit young to be dressing like a hooker imo but

Misty said...

Love the costume...even if it was last minute. Love reading what you've been up to. We got Guitar Hero III while we were in Orlando. We've been playin it since we got home. It is on Xbox 360 and you can play online against others.

dani j. said...

your posts are always so full of fun stuff!!

Love that mini!

Unknown said...

Wowie! YOu have such a fun life! You are always busy and doing cool things! Darn you!!! LOL! Those pages are cool and i bought some tags too cant wait to get them! You look so cute in ur costume i love dressing up in that time period.

Michelle said...

Cute pages!! Looks like you had a fun Halloween!! =)

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