Monday, November 5, 2007

Gotta Love That Extra Hour

We went to Mel's diner in the city on Friday night. We can't stay away from that place too long! I actually had a hamburger instead of breakfast for dinner. I learned that inline skates or rollerblades weren't invented far after the roller skates. The car hops at drive ins did not wear the regular roller skates,they wore inline skates, and that was a myth started by George Lucas with his movie American Graffiti.

I went to Nick's Restaurant in Pacifica to support the army mom's fundraiser. They are always mailing stuff back to our troops and they put an amazing night on. Kelly's uncle's band was playing so Jenna, Tiffany, and I met her up there. We had a lot of fun dancing with Jenna's co-worker's baby Otto (14 months old).

I love gaining an hour from daylight savings time! How did you spend yours? Usually I would answer "sleeping," but not this year, I combined two challenges together for this lo. I had so much fun playing with the colors. And I totally loved masking! I also challenged myself to get a little more carefree with the staz-on and I'm actually ok with all of the crazy inking. I stayed up and worked on this:

Dan, Lisa, and I visited Jenna who has been working at Ristorante Portofino's since August. We got wonderful food and the staff was incredibly hard working. Jenna took this photo of us at our booth.

Happy Birthday Kelley! Looking forward to celebrating with you tonight!


Michelle said...

Love that 80's page! =) I used to looove Lisa Frank!! he he...thanks for the cute comments on my bloggie, too! I applied for the guest DT at CMK this time...=) They have a monthly contest for Guest Designers! And I'm glad you liked Pucca! I'm working on season 2, so the episodes on that blog are from season 1 (season 2 isn't done yet) and I wouldn't be on those credits...=) It's a cute show, though! he he...

Momma Twitch said...

Your LO is really awesome! You're so creative. :) A ward is just another name for a congregation. There's so many in Utah that they split them up by where you live so the congregations are more even sized...if that makes sense. lol

Misty said...

love the 80s LO. I think it is one of my favorite that you've done lately. Glad you got something accomplished in the extra hour!

Unknown said...

Im lovin the layout!!It is def one of my favs! You rock girlie! I hope you are gonna play along this time....i love your creations!

Chez said...

I would have never guessed that to be your LO! It's so awesome. I saw some Lisa Frank stuff the other day and was laughin my butt off.

Melissa Mann said...

Girlie!!!! I so heart that 80's layout!!! Love how you inked the background paper! Nice job!

And have I ever mentioned how much I love to read your blog!! You have such an interesting life..!!

Have an awesomely wonderful Tuesday!


Lizee said...

i looooooove that 90's LO!!!
its sooo vibrant!:)

ya know theres on a pic of u on that LO that resembles Jennifer Love Hewitt.. (its a compliment, shes a hottie:)

dani j. said...

ah! Lisa Frank! so cool!

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