Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Out Sick

I'm finally admitting, I am sick. Luckily its just a cold and I am not feeling so stuffed up this morning. I've been trying to take it easy and not do too much so I can get over it faster. So, the only thing I've been up to these past couple days is watching movies, napping, and maybe some occasional scrapbooking when I have the energy.

Yesterday I watched Nine Months for the first time. I know I'm way slow in seeing it, but I enjoyed it for sure. I re-watched The Wedding Date and remembered how much I adore Dermot Mulroney. I saw Nights of Rodanthe a few weeks ago and really enjoyed watching it. It was incredibly visual. The house in the movie is just awesome. Plus, I adore Diane Lane and Richard Gere. Even better that they didn't end the movie all Hollywood style. Of course, I watched all the extra stuff on the Twilight DVD's. It was mildly entertaining. I suggest watching it when you're sick. ;)I started reading Inkheart, by Cornelia Funke, about a week ago. It is a story that was originally written in German and then translated into many other languages. I'm enjoying what a different world it is from mine. I've got the next two books sitting next to my bed and I'm pretty sure I'm hooked.
And finally, I've been listening to Lady Gaga's cd, The Fame almost non stop for the past two weeks. Check her out if you haven't heard of her yet. I have a Black & White photo midterm tonight so I'm off to prepare for that. Happy hump day!


Nathalie Kalbach said...

sorry to hear you a sick! I hope you are feeling better very soon!

Fauve Design said...

:( being sick sucks!!Hope you feel better soon,so you can show us some more of your scrapbooking skills :D

Suz said...

Hope you get well soon. Take it easy & drink plenty of water to flush it out

dani said...

I hope you feel better soon!!!!

Micayla said...

Hoping you get better soon.....colds suck big time. Just get plenty of rest girlie.

*Paint & Ink Chick* said...

Hey girl, how are ya feeling. A few weeks ago I felt terrible, so I know who ya feeling. Lov'n the LO's. Ok so I missed my hair appt but a few weeks ago so no micro braids,but helping to get the$ to go soon:) Hugs

Melissa Mann said...

Hope you start feeling better!
Congrats on making the DT!!
I think I'm going to have to find that "Nights in Rodanthe". It looked really good in the previews of it...

Have a great week!

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