Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lots o fun

Been going to a lot of parties these past few days. My dad and Jenna have their birthdays spread exactly one week apart. Friday night started out with me taking BART and meeting Dan out near his work, then driving to Fremont to hand out with our lovely friend Kristi & pals. We scrapbooked a little and goofed off a lot. Dan took this fun polaroid and we just love it (courtesy of Kristi).
My Dad's family birthday celebration was on Saturday night. Dan & I got placed at the kids table. Its been a while since that has happened. We had way too much fun and laughed ourselves silly. I don't think Dan will be eating green beans for a long while. ;)

I always love seeing my cousins because they love to give input on my scrapbooking and of course, its nice to catch up with the fam. I love this picture from dessert time. I Wish I could remember what they were laughing about.
Sunday night I met a bunch of the PVS family (mostly mine anyways) for a 10 year anniversary party for a few of the employees at PVS. They had a beautiful get together in the swanky pool house. I especially loved that Rocket the girl turtle made an appearance. Of course, the food was delicious.
I spent much of Monday procrastinating on this little piece of paper. I guess the proper word would be experimenting. I've been nervous to break out that glimmer mist and finally make a mess testing it. I found that silver under purple is my favorite look. This is a lil sneak for the upcoming Mojo challenge.
What a day Tuesday was! I was definitely kept busy the whole day. Our cousin Jeff met us and took us out to lunch at BJ's. Jenna & I ordered a berry cider and then Jeff got carded for taking a sip! The dude that ran over acted like a power hungry police officer about to make a big arrest. Silly him-Jeff's 25! We laughed pretty hard at that one.

Jeff had to go to work, so Jenna & I continued on to shop at the mall for a few hours. Due to complete exhaustion, we skipped the bike ride in the rain. It was pretty good that we did since it hailed twice yesterday afternoon. We relaxed some before dinner. I made Jenna a card while completing the audio book of Twilight (our book was out on loan). I was so glad to compare Bella's version of Twilight to Edward's version of Midnight Sun. Good thing he's good looking. :D

Our evening was laid back with chatter and a little bit of Wii bowling before we remembered that American Idol was on. Had some goofy pictures and dessert before passing out from complete exhaustion. Jenna had a great birthday!
Some how my to do list has grown in monster size proportions so I am off to slash it back down. Happy hump day!


Nathalie Kalbach said...

can't wait to see what your layout is - looks so cool!

aja said...

i love the last pic...
and i totally understand how all those to-do lists grow uncontrollably fast!

dani said...

love that you played with the glimmer mist!! it's so fun!

Unknown said...

wow it sounds like youve been having tons of fun, i love all the fun pics you got!

Anonymous said...

Just looked at your ScrapMojo lo, and boy, I LOVE what you did with this challenge!!!

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