Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Geeky Moments

I met up with my friend Mike from the air force on Monday night. We went out for Thai before seeing the incredible movie, Slumdog Millionaire. What a movie! The cinematography was outstanding, the acting was great, the story was slow at times, but totally worth the wait. I wasn't thrilled about the violence and disturbing images at times, but sometimes life is like that. I'd say, if you are like me, its probably better to wait for DVD so you can turn down the sound when necessary. I spent a bit of time looking at my palm. I totally forgot to take pictures with Mike, so sadly, I have no photos from our fun night out.

I visited my grandma in Walnut Creek and watched Dancing with the Stars (she taped it). I was really amused to see Steve O trying to dance. It was very entertaining. Then I drove to meet Eric in Palo Alto for an early dinner. I drove for about 3 1/2 hours yesterday so I'm not doing much driving today! We chatted about my obsession with Twilight and the reasoning for it being released on a weekend. I've decided its so the teenage girls can stay up late to get the DVD and not have to worry about a school night. That and its exactly 4 months from the release of the movie in theaters.

Eric & I enjoyed yummy goodness at the Peninsula Creamery, one of my all time favorite diners. Here is a picture the waiter took of us right before leaving.
I got home in time to watch American Idol last night. I am completely crushing on Danny Gokey. My mom wants him to change his last name. I don't care though. And Kris Allen is adorable too. Very cute and geeky. Almost to quirky. I thought it was hilarious when Simon told him it was too soon to bring the wife out. They are newly weds you goof!

I'm planning to go to Michael's for the 4th day this week. Yes, I am an addict for the 50% off coupon. And I might apply for a job there so I can help the habit. We shall see. I finally finished a lo that has been swirling around in my head since the paper was released at Winter CHA 2008. I think it fits the picture perfectly. A layout for fun? Not for any specific challenge, what? I noticed that I haven't scrapped many photos of Dan just by himself. So why not? The adorable mustache tag is designed by the lovely Michelle Clement. I admit I went a little crazy with the stickles, but its been a while since I've used them so I had to make up for it. And thanks to Jenna for the silly title. I am so horrible at coming up with witty titles.
Ok, geeky moment!Jenna called me into the living room this morning because John Lasseter was on the View this morning. He's the MAIN guy at Pixar and they had a clip of UP, the newest Pixar movie, which is coming out May 29, 2009. It looks totally cute and lots of fun!


Nathalie Kalbach said...

totally want to see the movie too! Loving your gorgeous layout!!!!

Fauve Design said...

Yessss my mom told me that movie was so good!

Now i need to see it!

2 Worlds said...

BEautiful Layouts

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