Sunday, March 8, 2009

24 things

Normally, I would have posted this list on my birthday. But I celebrated 24 while traveling abroad in Europe. A recent post by Elise Blaha made me think that its not too late to start my own. Considering that my 25th birthday is exactly 6 months away from today, I figured what better day than today?

24 things to do before 25
  1. enter in photo contests
  2. take more classes
  3. re-learn Spanish
  4. learn lightroom
  5. work on my animation
  6. cook a real meal
  7. bake
  8. have fun exercising
  9. be more adventurous
  10. learn more about flash
  11. and illustrator
  12. shoot more film, less digital
  13. organize my digital photos
  14. scrap faster
  15. learn to deal with the rain
  16. read more, watch less movies
  17. do less
  18. simplify
  19. try new foods
  20. enjoy a quiet weekend
  21. go to the Academy of Sciences
  22. re-use as much as possible
  23. try temp work
  24. enjoy working


Nathalie Kalbach said...

wow- that is a lot of stuff :-) Good luck girl!!! P.S. you are already adventureous :)

Fauve Design said...

:) you better hurry!

Need to do a lot of thosethings too!

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