Friday, January 16, 2009


 I just finished reading Jane Austen's book Emma and I truly enjoyed it. I purchased it at a used book store in Ireland and I definitely got my euro's worth! I have some new stuff to show but I can only do sneaks since the new Mojo challenge won't be posted until Tuesday. I also did a fun portrait shoot at a beautiful house in Burlingame yesterday. So I've got plenty to keep me busy until the rest of the books from the Twilight Saga arrive at my library.

How much do you love that our friend Kelly e-mailed Jenna an article about a couple getting married in taco bell? Jenna was upset that someone beat her to the punch. At least our taco bell is at the beach! You can read more about the wedding here. Hope everyone enjoys the weekend. Its positively beautiful here.


Babydoll said...

Welcome to the "Twilight" club!! Be's addictive. :)

Nathalie Kalbach said...

LOL - now you are reading it too. I did too. And altough I think it is really "Bad" literature- LOL - I couldn't put it down- so be aware!

dani said...

Twilight is sooo addictive... glad you're enjoying it!

Unknown said...

i loved all the twilight books, i was really hooked for a while ... i think i read each one three times.

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