Friday, January 9, 2009

Christmas and the fun after

I fell way behind on blogging so here goes...
Christmas morning felt like it was fast forward due to these two... They were off to Nebraska by 11am. I did finish my photo project in time for showing after they left. For the past couple years, Dan & I have been scanning old slides of my grandparents to help preserve them. This Christmas, I went through the first of many slideshows they had created and cleaned up the dust and color corrected them. Everyone was pretty happy with it. I still have to put it on a DVD for my family members. Oh how the to do list is never ending. :D

My cousins, Dan, and I played Wii for hours and then realized we had to get ready for Christmas dinner. We went to Novato for our evening festivities. My cousin always decorates her house so lovely. I could spend hours taking photos in her house.
Unfortunately, they had just renovated and removed all of their carpeting, which made it really difficult to see the step down into their sunken living room. My grandma Launa (my mom's mom) took a pretty bad fall as soon as she arrived. She spent the rest of the evening in ER with my parents & my aunt & Uncle. She fractured her upper right arm in two places. The family has been taking turns helping her get around and we are hoping for a speedy recovery. She is quite lucky that she won't have to have any corrective surgery.

The rest of Christmas was made up of the younger crowd from my family. We had delicious dinner & dessert. I was really excited to have the bread pudding. I didn't take many pictures though. I know how everyone loves seeing food!
We played apples to apples and I took up crocheting. Hoping to have that scarf finished this weekend and with its new owner. I just love the color. I took some photos around the house of my mom's Christmas decor:and my favorite "wiggly" trees:We spent the majority of the 26th over at my Aunt & Uncle's house so we could have more of a family day. It was so nice and relaxed. We played Wii again and again. I played some mini golf game and beat the pants off of everyone. I managed to work on my December album a little too with the help of my cousins. Dan's friend Melanie was out from D.C. visiting her Grandparents. We went to Max's diner and had a really weird experience. I am pretty sure we were the youngest people there. After I had a craving for ice cream so we went to Dairy Queen. We were 100% aware of how old we were when everyone from the local high school showed up.
We decided to go check out the houses in San Carlos that are famous for their over decorating. It was really cold so we spent the majority of our visit in the car. Isn't this house really neat?
I had a fun time with friends at Jared's surprise 21st birthday party. It was so weird being at that house two Saturday's in a row. I can't turn down all the yummy food. Jason got engaged since last week and we all caught up with our holiday stories.
I spent a few days over in Walnut Creek with my grandma. My parents took over on New Years Eve so I could go hang out with Kristi and Ethan's gang. We had a blast playing apples to apples. We had a nice relaxing new years eve. I was in bed before the clock struck midnight and I was okay with that. We spent New years day goofing off with the Wii and hanging out in our PJ's.

I have some jobs to apply for and some errands to run before heading to work, so I'll catch you later! Hope your weekend is lovely.


Nat said...

what a great catch up with your post- love all the photos! Hope you grammy's arm is better now!

Lizee said...

oh no! i cant believe your grandma fell! wishing her a speedy recovery and hopefully her holiday wasnt completely ruined.

Michelle said...

Yay, holidays! Looks like fun - sorry to hear about grandma's arm, though! :( Happy oh-nine, and thanks for the card in the mail, too - super cute pic of you two! :) You rock! And happy job searching! In a few months I'll be doing the same, aagin, it

danilouwho said...

I'm excited to see your scarf when you finish!!!

Donna. said...

I love all of your pictures. You manage to capture everything in your pictures. (The lights on the house are amazing.)
Good luck on your job search.

Anonymous said...

Oh, TVans restaurant. I used to eat there with friends. It has been around forever. Great view of the Peninsula and lights.
Love looking at your pictures and reading all the news. Wish the best for your Gramma.
Love, Aunt Virginia

Jill Deiling said...

aww great christmas photos, i love them!!

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