Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Scrap Mojo Challenge #29

Scrap Mojo's newest challenge is to scrap about Super Hero powers. I can't help scrapping silly stuff. I've got the pictures for it! Due January 30th!
I am really excited about taking an online Flash course through my local community college this semester. I have been putting off the completion of my animation I started in my Senior year at SFSU due to the fact that I really was lost in the program. I'm also hoping it will really motivate me to finish my film. I've seen more job listings for flash animators in this area so that is another plus.

Speaking of classes, I've signed up for my Black & White photo class plus the lab for the spring semester. I am looking forward to getting back into shooting film and experimenting a lot. Now I just need to locate my favorite tripod!

Speaking of photos, I shot some fun photos for another agent this week. It was a beautiful day at the Pulgas Water Temple. I'm really hoping that the rain will stop so it will look like this again.I finished reading New Moon yesterday. I stalked the library hoping that Eclipse would arrived right as I finished. It did not. I got Dan to go with me and pick it up at the closest book store to us. My mom is hoping I'll do nothing but read tomorrow so she can have it by Friday. Ha! I am hopelessly obsessed with a fictional vampire and I don't see it ending any time soon. I'm excited to get it on audio book next. Don't you just love abusing the library and all their greatness?

I've been borrowing a lot of movies from them as well. Last night I had Dan watch Casablanca. I really think everyone must be required to watch such an incredible piece of art. Its so romantic. We counted 4 "Here's Looking at you Kid" in the movie. Catch & Release was way cute but caught me totally off guard. I really thought it was a fishing movie. Must read the back in the future! Also loved seeing The Duchess, Emma, and As Good As It Gets. I can watch some movies over and over again without a problem. I'm a huge film buff, I can't help it!

And now, I leave you with a picture of what our Taco Bell looked like on Monday, on a sunny holiday. And for those of you who are wondering, I didn't stay in line.


Nat said...

I so love your cute layout!!! Awesome.

And...mmmh - I just might have to ask "taco bell" - I guys are at heaven of mexican food---why taco bell? LOL

Rachel said...

Love hat colorful layout!

I liked Catch and Release, also. It's different from the happy/silly chick flicks, but I really enjoyed it!

Sandy said...

omg! that line-up is i do love me some taco bell though....

i saw your mojo layout - it's so cute!! good luck with your classes - i'm so jeal. ugh. (-;

nice to hear from ya my friend!! (-;

Babydoll said...

Cute layout and you know I always enjoy your pictures.

redmom said...

I love your layout!! Torso woman too funny!! LOL

Good luck with your courses, and have fun!

danilouwho said...

hehe, well, if you've got the photos for it, might as well scrap them!

Those classes sound so fun!

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