Monday, January 26, 2009


Just stopping by to say hi. I had a pretty laid back weekend and I definitely enjoyed that. Since I finished reading Eclipse on Thursday night, I picked up the fourth book in the Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn on Friday afternoon. I was hoping it would arrive at the library before the weekend, but I was not so lucky. I spent a decent amount of this weekend reading. I still have about 200 pages to go.

I gladly took BART to Danville (more reading!) and hung out with Dan's father's family. I was really happy to talk with Dan's siblings about their reactions to the book. They kept coming in and asking what part of the book I was at. So cute!

I will admit, I have this weird craving for waffles all the time now. Yesterday on my lunch break, I went to Safeway and bought chocolate chip frozen waffles. Normally I would think they are nasty, but it was cold and raining outside. I really enjoy them as comfort food. It made me crack up when I watched the movie Alvin & The Chipmunks last night because they were obsessed with frozen waffles too! We also watched the hilarious movie Evan Almighty. Silly me, I didn't realize it was a sequel to Bruce Almighty until Dan mentioned it at dinner. We cracked up a lot and I really enjoyed that. I could laugh for hours easily. I adore Steve Carell.A bunch of my friends went to CHA yesterday and I want to thank them for including me in their experiences! I really enjoyed getting all sorts of text & picture messages about your time in Anaheim!

Sorry this post lacks pictures, but the weather was just not fun at all. The sun is out today so maybe I'll get some photography in at some point today. We'll see if I can manage that between photo editing, reading, and doing homework for my flash class. With that, I leave you with a link to incredibly beautiful and inspiring photos that I found through the Strobist blog. Happy Monday!


Nathalie Kalbach said...

So sorry about your grandma- I will keep her in my thoughts!!!

Wishing you a gorgeous day!

Lizee said...

i love steve carell too! he's brilliantly funny.

its too bad Evan Almighty didnt do too well in the theatres. I really enjoyed it.

Sandy said...

oh yeah, i'm totally with you on twilight, and steve c. - love them both!! (-; glad you had a nice weekend!

Anonymous said...

Michelle! I'm so excited you're sucked into the twilight world! Now I have someone to talk to about it lol Miss ya, lets get together to discuss Twilight soon!


dani said...

ah, I love Evan Almighty. That movie makes me happy.

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