Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Europe Prints!

I just finished listing a few color 8x10 prints that I took in Europe. Be sure to check them out in my etsy shop. I'm really excited about how great they turned out.
Last Sunday we celebrated Helen's 93rd Birthday (Dan's grandma) at the Van's Restaurant.
I adore how beautifully they decorate it for the holidays.We spent Friday night at Kelly's apartment watching The Office and making cutesy things with perler beads. I have so many funny quotes from that night.
I made the mushrooms and Dan made the star & square. Sorry for the harsh shadows. We had Natalie and Mark over on Saturday night for Wii. We love playing it because its a fun night & its free.They introduced us to a game called Raving Rabbids. Its a great party game, but let me warn you, its really odd. To the extreme. Rent it and see!
So last night I got a little crazy and decided to try the Hula Hoop challenge on the 10 minute version. And I spun 3177 times!

Thank you for all your warm wishes for my Grandmother. Each day she is getting stronger. My Grandfather (on my Dad's side) had an incident with his heart last week, so we are hoping that everyone gets back to their normal health asap.

I'm off to work on that to do list. I've been enjoying this blog a lot lately since I'm trying to simplify.


aja said...

so glad your grandmother is recovering.

love your europe pics!

Unknown said...

im just catching up on your blog, im sorry to hear about your grandma, so glad to hear she is doing better though!
Sounds like youve been having fun! I looove perler beads, brings back great childhood memories, lol. those europe pics are beautiful!

Fauve Design said...

sorry about your grandmother gorgeous! :( Good to hear she is doing better.

game sounds like so much fun!hmmm crazy is good!

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