Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mosaic Wednesday: Switzerland

I love to look at photos. They are so incredibly inspiring and motivating to me. So here are some of my favorites photos of Switzerland found on flickr. For those of you curious on how to make a mosaic, check out Big Huge Labs. So here are some places I dream of visiting some day:

1. Bern, Switzerland, 2. Switzerland, Fribourg, 3. Blausee, Kandersteg, Switzerland, 4. Luzern Switzerland, 5. Switzerland, Vaud, 6. Switzerland Ste Gallens, 7. Switzerland , Golden panorama,lake, 8. Giessbach - Switzerland, 9. Taleggliseewli (E Sustenpass, Switzerland), 10. Postcard From Switzerland, 11. Thun, Switzerland, 12. Aerial map, Switzerland - 4-2, 13. Bern, Switzerland, 14. The Eiger at twilight, Switzerland (Color), 15. Verbier, Switzerland, 16. Lausanne, Switzerland, 17. Water wheels ...(Vallorbe) city in Switzerland, 18. Ascona, Ticino, Switzerland, 19. Switzerland, Geneva Lake, 20. Visp (Switzerland) - Old Town, 21. St. Moritz - Switzerland, 22. Lago di Robiei - Switzerland, 23. Lago Maggiore, Switzerland, 24. Switzerland, vineyards, 25. 2007.05.15 Zurich Switzerland, 26. Interlaken Switzerland, 27. Pastoral Switzerland, 28. Wasserturm, Switzerland, 29. Luzern - Switzerland, 30. Matterhorn (14,693 feet) and Zermatt,

I felt like making a list, so here are my current faves:

1. Riding my bike
2. Trips to the Library
3. Sherbet "Ice cream"
4. Reading travel books
5. Flickr
6. Gatorade
7. Walks along the beach
8. Visiting with friends & family
9. Kung Fu Panda
10. Stamping

Saw Kung Fu Panda last night and laughed a lot. It is definitely one of those movies that makes you feel good afterwards. I love when movies have such great messages in them. If you can't make it to the theater, be sure to rent it when it comes out. And if you do go to the theater, stay for the clip at the end.


Lizee said...

travel books always make it to my list :)

(sigh) love dreaming about traveling...

Michelle said...

Ahhh...those places look lovely and make me want to visit them, too!! Annd..I can't wait to see Kung Fu Panda...=) Always a little hesitant to see 3D (ugh..) but I'm excited! hope all is well!!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see Mr. Kung fu my self! Love the lists! And that photo mosaic of places you want to visit is just so cool! (Thanks for the link... maybe I'll try it out soon.)

Fauve Design said...

i wanna see that movie so badly,the preview was great :D

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