Friday, June 20, 2008

Hey batter batter

My cousin Jeff & I went to a Giants game on Wednesday. Can you tell we were having fun?
We got to sit in the first row behind the Giant's dug out. We also had lunch at the club which was nice and air conditioned (its been hot lately).
I didn't use a telephoto lens either. We were that close to the players!
Castillo (3rd baseman) threw a pair of sunglasses up to Jeff. One of the arms was broken but easily fixable. Found they retail $100.
Five minutes after grabbing Castillo's sunglasses, Jeff scored a baseball. One of the players threw it to him. I wasn't paying close enough attention to know which player it was. Talk about lucky!
My sunburn was the souvenir that I am still savoring. Found that my mom had cut some of her aloe plant for me this morning. Have to go figure out how to use the real thing... I did wear sunscreen but I was too excited about the game that I missed some of my shoulder.

I finished up a mini that I made in Kerry Lynn Yeary's class back in February. It was so nice to finish it up. Blogger has a scheduled maintenance thing right now so I'll add photos in a little bit. Enjoy your weekend!


Lindsay said...

Ooh! Sounds like the game was boyfriend would have loved those seats (if they were playing the Red Sox, haha)...and thanks for the blog Mom and boyfriend seem to think I should still go there, as it could happen anywhere, but still. It didn't happen to them, haha. What it actually might make me do is really inspect my spring and egg rolls now before I take a bite...and I love those...darn! haha

danilouwho said...

looks like you had fun!! I love baseball games, one of my favorite things to do!

Donna. said...

Wow! Looks like you all had such a great time at the game! Cannot wait to see your mini!

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