Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I thought it would be cool to do an image search on the countries that I'd like to learn more about. My first place I chose was Lithuania. Why? No one ever talks about it and I want to know if it would be a cool place to check out. So I decided to make a mosaic of beautiful images from flickr.

1. Saint Ann Cathedral Vilnius Lithuania, 2. Vilnius in Lithuania, 3. Holocaust memorial Lithuania, 4. Lithuania, 5. Druskininkai, Lithuania, 6. Vilnius - Lithuania, 7. Lithuania LT-5122 received 03-11-2008, 8. I've lost my head, 9. Vilnius, Lithuania, 10. an autumn day in lithuania, 11. Autumn in Lithuania, 12. {Lithuania} CNV00021, 13. {Lithuania} CNV00014, 14. Trakai Castle, Lithuania, 15. Lithuania_010, 16. Nida Wood (Lithuania)

Since The Holiday is one of my favorite movies, I thought about home exchange. Unfortunately, I don't have a whole house to exchange. But its cool to know that it actually exists. If I was wealthy I'd stay here in Positano.


Lizee said...

im going to live vicariously through you!

Marcia Hamelijnck said...

Hi Michelle!

Just wanted to say hi! I'm the new mojo-girl :-) Love to be a part of your mojo-group!
Great take on the challenge by the way!

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