Monday, June 16, 2008

My Favorite Person!

Eric was a huge life saver today. Yes, he made my week. And he made it look so easy.

So I haven't been taking as many photos or spending as much time on the computer in the past week. A week ago Saturday, my hard drive wouldn't mount onto my laptop. I thought I needed to use a different cable but that didn't help. Neither did using my desktop, or any other cable for that matter. I contacted customer service and they had me purchase a new power cable which did nothing. At that point I was told my warranty was up and I couldn't be helped. So I talked to a few friends and found out that Eric might have a solution.

Picked up a new and larger hard drive on the way down to San Jose this afternoon. I would not recommend that you try this at home (if you are still covered by warranty.)

Milky Way out of its case and hooked up to Eric's laptop:

And my story has a happy ending. Eric was able to start it up out of the case and transfer all of my documents to my new hard drive!

Celebrated Father's Day with a bunch of my family at Vivace's in Belmont. All the brother's were there. I left my camera at Dan's father's house so I don't have any photos.

Watched a few movies since my last movie post. I really enjoyed watching Indiana Jones & The Raiders of the Lost Ark. I was so excited to recognize Kipu Falls (Kauai, Hawaii) in the opening sequence with the natives and their bow & arrows. I had the pleasure of hiking to Kipu Falls back in July 2003 and had no idea that it was in the movie!

I loved the art direction and the thought that went into Dr Suess' The Cat in the Hat. I don't know where I was when that came out. Mike Myers is perfect for the Cat in the Hat! I watched to French films that my co-workers had suggested back in May. They were very different but well done. One was The City of Lost Children, and the other was Delicatessen. Delicatessen is very much like Sweeny Todd in the story. The movies are very nightmarish.

I enjoyed seeing American Beauty. What an incredible story line. If you haven't seen it, this is the one that I highly recommend that you check out. I couldn't get it out of my head for hours!


Unknown said...

im so glad eric was able to fix your computer! i know its not anything i would have been able to do, haha.
sounds like youve been watching a lot of great movies! I saw american beauty when it first came out... i think i was still in junior high! I dont even remember it! maybe i should watch it again :)

dani said...

glad you got the computer figured out, I know how much it sucks when things aren't working right!!

I loved the new Indiana Jones film, even the alien part that some people didn't like. I thought it rocked!

American Beauty is one of my faves too...

Unknown said...

Your such a movie whore i love it lol.

Anonymous said...

SO glad Eric was your knight in shining armour! I'm sure you were so panicked over not getting your hard drive up and going.

Love the movies. I'm definitely going to check out your foreign ones.

Michelle said...

Oh, films...=) I wasn't too much a fan of Cat in the Hat - but the art direction was cool, of course...and I love American Beauty. =) Indie was pretty cool - totally went off on a tangent I didn't expect...but good!

And whew on the computer fixing! So happy you didn't lose anything!! =)

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