Monday, June 30, 2008

Loved Lunch!

Long over due, I finally put a banner up for my blog!

Had Kristi over to my house on Friday night. We made a guitar hero/rock band party of it with Jenna, Tiffany, Katrina, and Dan.

Saturday was a very busy day for me. I worked a half day at the store and then went to Brisbane for Maria & Ricky's wedding reception. I learned a valuable lesson. You can't be a photographer for one hour and then switch gears to being a guest at a party. I ended up working 5.5 hours, then leaving because I was completely exhausted from running all over.

Sunday was really special because Kristi, Sandy, Carrington, and Nick met me for lunch in Burlingame at the Crepevine. It was so great to meet Nick & Carrington. And of course I missed Sandy. And Kristi just rocks my world ;).

We ate outside since it was a beautiful day and Carrington was with us. Here's Sandy with some Carrington love.

The Whores on the street


I love to take pictures!

I stayed in last night and took it easy. Watched the movie Man of the Year with my parents and laughed a lot. I just love Robin Williams. Also enjoyed an incredible animation that I never heard of until I became an animation student. Go rent The Iron Giant. I know I'm an animation nerd but its incredible! I even watched it a second time to listen to the commentary and learned a lot of cool things too. Finally got to see Edward Scissorhands. LOVED IT! What a cool movie. Not at all what I was expecting. Tim Burton and Johnny Depp are incredible.


Unknown said...

I had a great time seeing you MJ, i love your nerdy ass, :)

Unknown said...

i cant believe you havent seen edward scissor hands til now!! That was one of my fav movies when i was younger! lol. love your pics, sounds like you had a fun and busy weekend!

dani said...

yay new banner!! love it!

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