Monday, December 10, 2007

Not So Silent Night

Thursday night Dan and I actually cooked a meal! We had delicious chicken burritos. Dan is cooking in his "can you see me on earth if you are in space?" shirt. Its a Norwegian thing... :D

Friday I received an e-mail from the company I interviewed with saying that they felt some of the other applicants were a better fit. I am very happy that I learned so much about their interviewing process.

I went to Not So Silent Night and it was so fun! Paramore was already playing but I didn't miss my favorite songs. Of course they play those towards the end! Here is a photo I took with my cell phone (cameras weren't allowed) from the ground floor. I love the flare from the lights.

We moved up to the second floor to relax and enjoy from the seats. I felt so lucky to see Jimmy Eat World perform. I love their music and they put so much energy into their live performance that you don't pick up from their CDs. If you haven't heard their newest CD Chase the Light, you ought to check them out.

Angels & Airwaves performed as well and Tom sounded like a motivational speaker. I couldn't help but crack a joke about being at some conference instead of a concert. I love the lines in this picture.

I got some fun goodies in the mail this week and I blame Michelle. :) She did such an amazing job with her guest design work for Elle''s studio I just had to get some yummies for myself. And since I was already shopping at etsy I thought I'd share the love with Every Jot & Tittle too. They arrived super fast.

Speaking of fun stuff in the mail, these amazing ornaments arrived from Australia, Singapore, and Iowa this week. I adore them so.

And here are my retro inspired ornaments that I mailed out to Singapore, Kansas, and Northern California. I got my inspiration from looking at Christmas ornaments year round. I'm going through a bright phase. I have one listed for sale here.

Saturday night I made a bracelet while watching the movie Waitress. It is a very inspiring movie for women to start their lives out fresh! Keri Russell and Andy Griffith are such incredible actors and actresses!

Lisa special ordered a glass bead, Swarovski crystal, and sterling silver bracelet for her mom. Here is the finished product. I really think she's secretly ordering it for herself since her favorite color is turquoise. Don't you adore the clasp?

After work on Sunday, I drove over to Walnut Creek for my Grandma's annual tree trimming party. I timed it right so I arrived for dinner and had a wonderful time being with the family. From left to right: Uncle Harry, my Dad, my Mom, me, my Grandma (I visit her every Tuesday), Aunt Sandy, and my cousin Kelley. The wonderful next door neighbor, Roger, took the photo for us.


Holly said...

You had quite the fun-looking weekend! I love all your ornaments...both the ones you sent out, and the ones you received. Very cute stuff! And, that bracelet is just gorgeous! Sorry to hear about the job interview. :0( But, I hope you still enjoy your week!

Michelle said... much to comment about!! he he....Sorry to hear about the job...=( that sucks! And love the comment you made about Dan's shirt...he he...and I'm totally guilty of being an Elle's enabler!...have fun with them!! annnd...I am so jealous you saw Paramore! Looks like you're having fun!!

Unknown said...

Love that bear ornament, how cute is that. Your'e turning into a concert whore like Kristi lol, jk.

Unknown said...

Wowie! That was a jam packed post! That sucks about the job! Oh well u are always so positive i love it! Mmm chicken burritos! Those pics came out wonderful for using a cell phone! Sounds like a fun time. Love the tags of course and love ur lil ornaments! So wonderful! Thats so cool the ones u got back. Oh and i truly love that clasp on that bracelet...the whole thing is super awesome!

Kristi said...

First you need to get a compact, digital point and shoot. Then you need to listen up for tips on sneaking them into the arena....My brother sneaks mine in usually. :)

Misty said...

how did Jenna miss the tree party?

Chez said...

I don't know how you deal you are always so damn busy. Are the ornaments from Esty too? Super cute! I also heart every jot and title!

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