Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Christmas Spirit

I thought it would be fun to challenge my blog friends to take some night photos around their neighborhoods so we can see beautiful decorations. This house is at the end of my block. They have another lit tree and and a peace sign but I couldn't fit it all into one photo. Each week I hope to post pictures from around the bay area of some nice or over the top decorations. I hope you take up my challenge during sometime this month!

We have these amazing bubble trees at Christmas by the Cove that I adore. Its a large tube of water that bubbles with garland wrapped around it. There is a set of LED lights that illuminate it. Here is my dream tree decorated with Shiny Bright ornaments. My boss Leo designed this set up for the entrance to the store.

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington was playing at the Stanford Theater this week so Dan & I went to see it for the billionth time. I adore Jimmy Stewart and he is so incredibly young in this movie. I had the most delicious grilled cheese sandwich at the Palo Alto Creamery before the movie. I was so excited to go the Bead Shop and they were closed (5 minutes before we got there). Maybe next time. University Avenue is lit up so beautifully year round!

As we were driving home we passed this billboard sign that said "Winter is the new Summer." I thought that made for a pretty amusing but straight forward statement about global warming. When I glanced again it turned out to be an ad for New Zealand!

Thanks to Dani for picking me as her RAK winner! My order from Scrap Gal arrived and I love it all. I can't wait to play with it all. I did have to add a little $ to my prize and it was well worth it. Thanks again!

I did get to scrap with my dt kit last night but I'll have to wait until the 15th to post it. Hopefully I'll get to play some more with it before then. It is pretty yummy this month!

Thanks to all of you who are so wonderfully supportive. I really appreciate your kind comments and thoughts. :)


Holly said...

Love all your pics, Michelle! Thanks for sharing. :0) And, I'm so jealous that you get to work in a Christmas store year-round! That must be so much fun! When I was living in Dallas, every year after Halloween, they would open a temporary Christmas store. I worked there a couple of Christmases and absolutely LOVED it!

Anonymous said...

Oh fun idea! I'm going to the coast in a few days, i'll be sure to bring some photos back...
Happy holidays hun!!

Janell ~

Michelle said...

oooh..I wish I could take awesome night-light pictures with ya, but it's all apartments where I live and it's just not the same as wonderfully decorated houses!! =)

Unknown said...

I will def try to take some pics when we go tmw to look at lights. Love yours.

As The World Scraps said...

such beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing the spirit with us. It brings a smile to my face.

That loot makes me smile too even though it is yours. lol - Have fun playing!

Anonymous said...

I may end up getting some photos of houses yet! I think we may go out driving tomorrow night!

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