Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Some Tips on Low Light Photography

And the parties continue...

Lesly had her Christmas party on Sunday. Its been a few years since I've been to it and I really had a wonderful time. Of course my favorite part was the delicious dessert. I missed dinner since I came from work.

Dan & I in front of Lesly's Christmas tree. We unintentionally matched!

I love shooting from my hip with my flash turned off because you can get such natural shots. Here is my favorite photo of guests singing Christmas carols.

More houses from Pacifica as promised. This is the most crazy one I found Sunday night. Pretty fun!

The second most decorated house in Pacifica happens to be right around the corner from me. I love that palm tree!

Because it gets dark so quickly during this time of the year, photography can be a little bit trickier. For those night photographs of houses decorated or your Christmas tree, follow these tips as best as you can:
  • Turn your flash completely off. The colors get washed out and things get even darker in the background.
  • Stabilize your camera on a tripod or a sturdy surface (table) for a clear image.
  • Set your camera on the night photography setting if it has one.
    • If it doesn't, try setting it on aperture priority and open it all the way so as much light can come through the lens.
  • Raise your camera's ISO setting to 800 if it can handle it. This will cause more noise so you need to play with your camera and see when the photos start to look funny.
  • Change your white balancing to the proper setting.
    • If you are in a house at night, set it for tungsten light or florescent depending on what is present. If you are outside at night leave it on auto
  • The longer the exposure, the more blurry it will be if you don't use a tripod.
Another rule that I swear by that I hope everyone takes on.

Do NOT take pictures while people are sitting down eating a meal. Its OK to take pictures of people before and after but you will NOT get that great photo of Aunt Mildred while she's chomping away at that beautiful Christmas ham.


Michelle said...

...my family is the worst for taking pics while everyone's eating...argh! drives me crazy...lol..love your christmas light pictures!! And I use Aleene's tacky glue for the FP felt, simply cuz it's the only non glue-dot sticky I have...lol..it is tough to stick!!

Holly said...

Those chocolates are making my mouth water! Yummy! I love that photo of everyone singing. So natural! And, people really go all-out with the lights where you are. Thanks fo sharing your light photos...lots of fun!

Anonymous said...

What are those desserts - they look amazing!

And seriously girl - THANK YOU so much for that amazing package! You did not have to send me all the fun stuff! It was so much fun to open! Thanks!

great photography tips too! I'm that mean person that loves taking photos of people eating, lol. blackmail!

shertan said...

this is sher from singapore!
just want to let you know i've recieved your mail today and i love the ornament you sent me!
thanks for the little extra too!
have a joyful holiday!

Unknown said...

wonderful tips im gonna go try them! You and dan look adorable as usual!

sally hanna said...

love all the photos and tips.
hope you have a merry christmas!

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