Friday, December 28, 2007

Birthday celebration & Christmas Eve

Its a post filled with lots of pictures!

Mike came home from Florida for the holidays. We saw National Treasure: Book of Secrets. It was an entertaining movie, but you could probably wait until its out on DVD. Its always nice catching up with friends!

We had Dan's family over to my house for hors devours and drinks before going out to dinner. Dan had fun opening his presents. I think his favorite was a pen that is an "As seen on tv" that opens into a fishing pole!

Here is Dan with his grandma, Helen, and his mom, Zena.

We went to dinner at the Beach Chalet in San Francisco. It is a building filled with historical information. For dessert we ordered a Sandcastle, Creme brulee, a fruit crumble of some sort and other yummies.

After dinner, Zena drove Dan, Helen, and I through San Francisco to see some of the crazy houses in San Francisco. This one is in the Castro.

My most favorite house I've ever seen (and the reason why I started sharing these photos) is here: Each year they buy something new for their outside decor. They have permits and their stuff actually lays on the house below them as well.

They have music and people outside. Its such a wonderful display of spirit. I can't even begin to imagine how many strands of lights they have to buy each year for that tree! Photo taken by Dan.

My Christmas Eve was more hectic than usual. I worked until 4pm and then I drove to Dan's house to exchange gifts with Zena and our friend Joss. I got a beautiful hand felted purse and lots of scrap embellishments from Zena. Joss gave me a carnivorous creations planter which has 10 varieties of plants like the venus fly trap. He's always giving such cool, off-the-wall gifts.

Then we drove to Dan's cousin's house for dinner and presents. I have to share Krissy's kitchen window because of how beautifully decorated it is!

Krissy & Karoline's beautiful tree and all the presents to the kids. A few were for the parents but the majority went to the 6 little ones.

Before the mayhem...I didn't get many during or after because it wasn't smart to have a camera out in that storm. Thanks to these kids, I had to run out and get a Nintendo DS. I love those things!

From Burlingame, we drove to Danville (60 minute drive) to spend the remainder of the evening at Dan's father's house with his Uncle Dave and Aunt Terry. Dan took this beautiful photo of them at the fire place. I adore the lighting.

Dan's birthday/Christmas/Valentine/St. Patrick/Easter/July 4th present from his Dad and Vicky was a beautiful HP laptop. I got a beautiful heart necklace with earrings, and a gift card to Michaels!

Celebrating his 25th birthday on Christmas Eve.


Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a lovely christmas! Blessings hun!


Misty said...

MJ the craziness has to stop! I told Wesley yesterday that I hadn't talked to you in FOREVER!! I blame both our crazy schedules. Glad to see you had a wonderful Christmas.

Jessica said...

Looks like your holidays were a blast!!!

So the games I have are the newer brain age, a milton bradley board game (it has connect 4, battleship, trouble, and sorry!), the new super mario brothers, prism: light the way, and the simpsons.

ok, so all of them are addicting. i was iffy on the prism one, but i've been playing that alot. the simpsons one is cute. the super mario bros one is great too b/c it has a section of mini games you can play if you get sick of playing the normal game mode. those are my fave three games right now.

:) it's a great little toy!!

Heather Turner said...

Wow, Love that house with the stockings. That picture Dan took in front of the fire place was AWESOME. I love the DS too. My hubby bought me one for Christmas. Glad you had a good holiday!

Unknown said...

I love your beautiful use of the word beautiful in this beutiful post of your beautiful pre-Christmas activities.


Unknown said...

awwww! Lucky guy! I want a laptop! Love the pics and that house is nuts!!!

Chez said...

it looks like you had a wonderful holiday! That house is so crazy looking lol. I'm glad to see all smiles coming your way from you know who! :) Talk soon.

Holly said...

Looks like a wonderful time was had by all! And, those pictures of the house with the Christmas lights...GORGEOUS! I especially love the tree many pretty lights!

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