Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Animation get together

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to you all! Its been a crazy past couple days for me so I won't make this one long post. Thursday I had a wonderful experience in working with Kyle and his two siblings. I still don't know how the photo shoot turned out but I'm looking forward to posting one or two later.

I was thrilled when I got an e-mail from some animation friends saying there was going to be a get together for Friday. I've missed my friends from school so much and it was wonderful seeing the few that found the time to hang out. Betty's animation looks amazing, as expected. Congrats on graduating Betty! I love how Eric & Peter decorated their apartment. Here is Betty, Carol, Romero, and Eric in the living room.

I was so happy that they had a good turnout. They cooked dinner and it was quite tasty. In the kitchen: Jason, Carol, Amy, and Eric.

My favorite decoration in their window:

I drove around and took some more Christmas decor photos. This was so pretty I had to share it. Wreath in Pacifica:

This house was in the newspaper for having been decorated for 30 years. Each year it gets a little more out-landish. It was so cool it required a few angles! This is in San Francisco at 34th & Quintara.

They had a lot of animated characters caroling in the entry way here.

The local Pacifica blow up circus. I heard a rumor that they trucked in real snow two days after this photo.

I love how they outlined their house with these green lights!

Lots more photos to come!


Misty said...

what fun lights! i wish we had some that decorated that much around here, but not so much. Hope you had a Merry Christmas and have a wonderful New year.

Unknown said...

Wow that house is awesome! It looks like you had a fun little party there. I hope you had a merry christmas my dear! xoxo

Melissa Mann said...

Love the pictures!!! Your skill at night photography TOTALLY impresses me!!!

Have a fabulous week, my dear!

Holly said...

That house is absolutely amazing!!! Glad you had fun at your party, and I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! :0)

Mika said...

What a lights, love it. Hope to see you around. Mika (www.mikascrap.typepad.com)

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