Sunday, October 21, 2007

Norweigan by association

What's your pirate name? Take the test here.

I got the name Captain Ethel Bonney!

Friday night was Scandinavian heritage night in Redwood City. Dan's grandfather was from Norway and the Scandinavian heritage it is very dear to his family. My favorite part was the dessert so I took a lot of photos. At this table is ebelskiver.

I've had this yummy dessert before, but I had never seen Lefse made so I was excited to watch.

These women are making Rosettes. Zena said she'd teach me how to make them for Christmas this year and I can't wait!

And last because its my favorite to eat and say ,Vafler a.k.a. heart shaped waffles. Mmm yummy !I can't say enough that I LOVE dessert! Here is Gerd making vafler.

We went to see our friend Anders and say goodbye since he got a job in Minnesota. He gave us all parting super names. Here is torso women flying with Minnesota man. The first time I might Anders we sat next to each other at a concert. He is 6'4" and I am 5'9". He is all legs and I have a longer torso then him so when I sit next to him he looks really short. I got teased about this for three years.

And I couldn't help but get Dan to take another photo of me acting as Torso Woman...

Dan & I are going to be in Washington D.C. Monday-Friday so look forward to lots of photos! I'm bringing my laptop in hopes of being able to do some research while we're their.


Dan said...

Mad Dog Kidd


Mrs. Chez said...

lol nice, don't forget to go to the scrap stores. There are two around Dulles that rock, a lot of the ones online and in the mags are closed.

14029 Crossing Place, Woodbridge, VA 22192

I think the other is..
Scrap and Style
Centreville, VA 20120

I just remember it being in an industrial park and it was hella cool.

Talked to Bill and Tuesday will work for us for dinner. He was thinking meeting at the Chinatown metro stop at say 7:30? You should be able to metro in from Vienna. We are going to metro in from our side. He said there are tons of places to eat there so we will just figure it out when we get there. Let me know!

**melissa lee** said...

Lol! Funny stuff!

Michelle said...

looks like fun..have a good time in Washington! Oh! And my pirate name is "Dirty Ethel Rackham"...ha ha

dani j. said...

your updates are always so fun-filled!

Boriquaz said...

hope ou have a blast in dc, i wish i could come down and meet you. maybe if it was on the weekend, bu during the week is just too hard for me (4 hr drive).

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