Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Its almost time to leave

Here is my first pair of shoes that I altered. Its really just 5 different colored sharpies, but here they are!

Dan and I went out to dinner at Chili's on Monday night and had so much fun ! We haven't been there in a while and we really like going to different places . Our waitress had so much pep it surprised us. I ordered a strawberry lemonade and with much enthusiasm she said "Awesome!" I thought I had just told her she'd won an award.

Yesterday I played an amazing game of scrabble with my grandma. The exciting part was that I used up ALL of my tiles before she did!

Then I got to see the new location of My Daughter's Wish . I'd like to think of it as an adventure but Dan just calls it getting lost. I get amused because that is just the way I learn ! I know I've been getting a lot of stuff lately. I have to say its a combination of my birthday and the fact that I'm gearing up for a big project I'm working on this weekend. Plus the holidays are coming up and I figure I can make some little pretties!

The store was a lot bigger and had more light. I love going there because the people are so incredibly nice and helpful! They have some amazing classes! I wish I lived closer.

I'm packing and preparing for this weekend so I've been incredibly bust organizing. My most favorite thing to do! Give me an organizer and I'm happy. On a totally random note, here is a picture of my albino dwarf hamster Banana Hammock.

Happy 3rd Birthday Elizabeth! I got to see her for a n hour today while I gave her a present.

Josiah started teething while I was visiting. I thought these pictures were too cute not to share.

I did find out that there won't be an internet connection where I am staying so I'll just have to post about the weekend when I return on Sunday.

In advance, I'd like to wish a Happy Birthday to several important people who are celebrating this weekend. Happy Birthday to my Aunt Sandra, Zena, Ryan, Misty, and Kelly! Hope your day is fabulous!


**melissa lee** said...

Michelle - you absolutely crack me up!!! Banana Hammock...I gotta know if you got that from Phoebe off "Friends"!!? That's great! Love all the new pretties!!

Have a great weekend!

Lizee said...


we got similiar hambly goodies:)

princess consuela banana hammock and crap pants!!!!!!

Misty said...

THANK YOU THANK YOU for the birthday wishes. You are the sweetest ever. Even if i have to go back to work on my bday, I'll have a wonderful weekend prior!

*Paint & Ink Chick* said...

Hey girl, luv the shoes. Have fun on your trip. Keeping fingers crossed for the DT, we tried for lol:) Holla

RachelDenbow said...

Hey, can you remind me when the big Hambly wharehouse sale is?

Michelle said...

ha ha..omigosh!! I just saw that episode of friends like, Hammock is such an awesome name! Love those shoes, too...and guys think buying any paper is buying too much paper, so don't worry bout it...=) lol..

Marie said...

Wow lots of bdays!!! OMG u rocked those sharpies! Ur lil hammie is sooo cute! And how adorable are those kidos!

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