Friday, October 19, 2007

More Halloween pages

Since I got it started, I thought I might as well keep on working on this album. I've still got plenty photos so this is another installment of pages. I scrapped a lot faster last night and I'm really happy about it.

My "corrected" diploma arrived. This time it came with my middle name on it when I made an effort to make sure it wasn't going to be on it. That was the longest 10 days I ever waited for it. ;)

Another chipboard mini album I made for etsy. I am having so much fun with my bind it all! Its 3x3 and only $3!

I watched this really funny video on Emily Falconbridge's blog and just had to share it with you. Be sure to watch the whole thing because its so funny. I am not a rummager. I'm definitely an organizer!


**melissa lee** said...

Love the mini book, MJ! And that is the cutest little book you made too! How easy is it to work that bind-it-all? Methinks, I need one!

Have a great weekend!

Marie said...

Hahaha that video was great! Love the lil book and the halloween mini is gggggrrreat!!!

Misty said...

someone has been a blogging fool. You've posted so much in the last few days. Glad you got your diploma finally, even with your middle name on it..MJJ! Thanks for the up close and person picture of Jenna's mouth, it was just what I wanted to see this morning. lol

Lizee said...

yay! for a correct diploma!!!
u must be sooo proud:)

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