Thursday, October 18, 2007

Happy 32nd Anniversary!

My parents are celebrating 32 happy years of being married today. Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!

My bio layout for the EBB Design Team page

Jenna had a visit at the dentist yesterday and found out she has a "highly evolved" tooth. The molar on the top left has an extra part to it. Can you see?


Rachael said...

Happy Anniversary to your parents!!

I love your layout!!

Interesting tooth!

**melissa lee** said...

32 Years!!! CONGRATS to them!! And look like your momma!

Marie said...

Happy anniversary!!!!!

Love love love ur page! You are awesome mj!

I dont see it but she has nice teeth! hahaha!

Valley Girl said...

Congrats to your parentals! Huge accomplishment!

Michelle said...

congrads and happy anniversary to your parents! =) Love the page..great pic of you! =)

Lizee said...

omg 32 years!!!
WOW congrats!!
and btw LOVE LOVE ur about me LO
its my fave MJ LO

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