Thursday, December 10, 2009

12/12/09 Help Portrait

I found out about the Help Portrait concept through David Hobby's Strobist blog. I think the concept is really cool and I hope to organize something local in my hometown next year. I encourage any photographers that have Saturday off to check out your local forum and see how you can assist.

I am trying my best to help out in San Francisco on Saturday but I'm still looking for a fellow photographer to join me because of the safety of the location. Hope you can join in next year if not this year and Happy Thursday!


Heather Turner said...

I really hope you get a fellow photographer to help you. This is such an awesome idea.

Angie Smith said...

Michelle, my prayers go out to people like you that want to help others. You will be blessed tremendously for it. And thanks for the blessings in sharing your blog/creativity with us during this Everything Scrappn' Blog Hop.

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