Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happy September!

My 25th Birthday is fast approaching. It's only one week away and I can't believe how fast this year has gone for me. Lets take a look at my list.

24 things to do before 25
  • enter in photo contests
  • take more classes yep
  • re-learn Spanish on my way
  • learn lightroom yep
  • work on my animation yep!
  • cook a real meal hmm, I still have a week to do this...
  • bake of course!
  • have fun exercising gotta love that Wii fit!
  • be more adventurous back packing through Europe-definitely
  • learn more about flash check
  • and illustrator
  • shoot more film, less digital yep
  • organize my digital photos lightroom has definitely helped this matter
  • scrap faster sometimes I do!
  • learn to deal with the rain rode bike through the rain in Ireland & loved it!
  • read more, watch less movies yep yep yep
  • do less yep!
  • simplify yep
  • try new foods yep
  • enjoy a quiet weekend yep
  • go to the Academy of Sciences twice!
  • re-use as much as possible I need to keep doing this always
  • try temp work
  • enjoy working yep!

Well, I think I did better than last years list. I look forward to still trying to work on the things I haven't done in these next few days. I am very excited that school has started up again. I missed my darkroom and photography classmates more than usual. Our community college cut the darkroom lab class this past summer due to budget problems. The best part is that Kristi is back to class!

My family has great plans for this coming holiday weekend and I'm bursting to share. My parents, Dan, and I will be celebrating in Fort Bragg. We plan to spend time at the beach and probably will find an antique store or two. I am so excited to have my birthday weekend off and I'm still trying to decide if I should do something else since its 1/4 of a century for me. ;D


Nathalie Kalbach said...

Isn't that photo from Hambur-g love your list!!!!! young chicken ;)

dani said...

wow, that's quite a list and you did so much! that's awesome!

Kristi said...

They say it's all down hill after 25, lol! So glad that I'm back in class too, yay for more artistic MJ time! AND I won't even be penalized for missing class tonight, seeing as the school was held hostage for the shooting. Happy 25th chickie bean!

Holly said...

Happy almost-25th birthday, Michelle! I hope it's a great one, and that the next year brings you lots of happiness. That was quite the list, and you have accomplished a lot! Be proud! :0)

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