Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Yesterday I celebrated my 25th birthday. I have loads of pictures to share from this past weekend of celebrating but that will have to be shared later this week. I have quite a few hundred photos to wade through. Here is one from dessert last night (photo by my mom).
Here is my list for this year.

25 Things Before 26

1. Travel
2. brush up on my Spanish
3. design something cool
4. learn to cook one meal
5. wear my glasses more
6. continue to do less
7. exercise
8. take a bookbinding class
9. save money
10. take more pictures
11. use my large format camera
12. finish sewing my portfolio
13. make glass beads
14. do more night photography
15. sew something pretty
16. enter in a photo contest
17. simplify
18. read
19. give up soda
20. go to the beach more often
21. get a website up with my portfolio
22. find a great gelataria on the peninsula
23. be more carefree
24. eat lots of fruit
25. buy a used car


Nat said...

Happy Birthday again sweets- looks like so much fun!!!!

Melissa said...

Great list, Michelle!!! Happy Birthday!!

danilouwho said...

Great list!

Micayla said...

Love the list...... have a great day!

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