Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Antique Stores in Jamestown

While driving back home from Yosemite, Mom & I convinced my Dad to stop in Jamestown for some antique shopping. I decided recently that I wanted to collect some antique colored glass items for decor. We stopped in Judies on Main Street and had a blast searching through all of their stalls. I took this photo of my Mom right outside after. She was trying to power shop in 90* weather. That is HOT to me, but to the locals tell me it that it was cool.
We stopped in a slightly higher priced collective called Time Travelers, just a few doors down on Main Street. They had some really cool stuff and it was obvious why it was still there ($$$). I broke down and bought a beautiful lime green juicer and a PG&E insulator. See picture toward the end of the post.

My most favorite experience in Jamestown was in The Emporium building. Not only is it on the National Register of Historic Places, its packed with rare finds, has wonderful charm and great displays of antiques from all over. The sweet proprietor told us all about how the building has been in the family for many decades. I think she said since the 30's, if not earlier. I love that they have kept the building all this time and hope that many more visit this gem!
My mom found an antique bottle with an owl on it in The Emporium. What more could she ask for?
We spent over two hours shopping in this lovely town and I was so glad we made time to visit. I can't remember the last time we stopped, but what a great time we had! Here is a photo of Main Street.
And here are our finds. Not all shown in the photo were found in Jamestown. This just happens to be our collection right after we returned. Mom has been collecting for quite some time before our spree.
I must get on to other things, so I'll leave you with the very exciting news that I'm bursting to share. Dan & Zena rescued a 3 year old Chihuahua/Terrier mix named Luigi on Friday. Jenna called me on Thursday with the news that she heard of a cute little black dog that was on the kill list at a shelter due to the fact that he didn't like cats. We figured that is quite normal for a dog, so what the heck! Dan's new addition is fitting right in at home, enjoying all the love, new friends, and walks. Here's a quick photo I snapped before heading off to work on Sunday.


Nathalie Kalbach said...

Oh this looks like so much fun!!!!

Holly said...

I absolutely LOVE all the glass you managed to collect on your trip! I'm on a vintage-Pyrex-collecting kick, myself... particularly the turquoise snowflake line. Except, I'm never so fortunate as to find any at my favorite flea market. I always end up buying off Etsy or eBay. Oh, well. Glad you had fun! And, happy belated birthday! ;0)

Unknown said...

My dad lives in jamestown and my aunt has lived there since i was a little girl. It is one of my very fav places to go because it is so lovely and sweet. It sounds like you had a beautiful time!

Melissa Mann said...

awww!! i'm glad you were able to rescue the black dog!!! And you're right..dogs just don't like!! Love all the photos..and your collection of glass!

Michelle said...

Oooh...I am totally jealous of that Emporium you visited! Looks like I could spend days in And yay for adopting puppies! :) what a cutie!

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