Monday, August 31, 2009

Green Day

You know it! Dan took me to see Green Day and we met Kristi at the San Jose HP Pavilion. Kristi took us to the band's tour bus and we had a little fun taking pictures. Kristi took this one:And Dan took this one of us silly girls:
The concert was on a Tuesday night which I wasn't so fond of since I had to work after the concert and then go to work early the next morning. It was so worth the lost sleep though. I crack up every time I look at this photo of Kristi praying to Green Day.
We hung out for a while but then we separated since Kristi had general admission on the floor level while Dan & I had seats up above. The coolest part was being able to spot Kristi from our seats. Franz Ferdinand opened the show and I enjoyed them. I was pretty antsy to see Green Day and I think the rest of the crowd was right there with me.

Green Day's entrance was pretty awesome. They walked in through one of the entrance doors on the floor so they were walking behind and next to their fans. It was such an adrenaline rush to see how interactive they were with the the crowd. At first, I thought their stage was so simple and didn't appear to have much to it. When the lights came on, I was pleasantly surprised.
The lead singer Billie Joe is from Oakland and had us laughing the moment he was onstage by screaming "this is not a Shark's Game, stand up!" The concert was so interactive they brought an 8 year old boy on stage to dance, as well as two women to sing Longview. The first one was pretty bad. The next was decent and had never-ending energy. She was all over the stage, a great performer. She was dubbed an honorary bay arean when Billie Joe found out she was from Los Angeles.
Billie Joe also had his Mother come on stage with a super soaker and spray everyone in the audience while another band member used a toilet paper launcher on the audience. They also launched t-shirts into the masses for some entertainment.
The pyrotechnics scared me every time they boomed because I could feel the heat.
I couldn't believe that Green Day played 32 full songs. You can see their set list at this neat website. It doesn't list the snippets they played like Stairway to Heaven, Master of Puppets, and many others. I was really impressed that Everyone was rocking out from kids to full grown adults. We had some very entertaining people dancing in front of us. I loved when the band laid down on the ground and played their instruments. It really emphasized the small movements they made during one of their slower songs. This was the best concert I have ever experienced. If you ever have the opportunity to go to a Green Day concert, its is a must! Here is one last link of an accurate article written describing this concert.


Nat said...

so so so cool!!!! what a great concert this must have been!

danilouwho said...

awesome! glad you had such a great time!

Kristi said...

For sure, that GreenDay by far gives the best shows! And I've been to my fair share of concerts to say so! LOL.

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