Saturday, August 1, 2009

Happy August 1st!

My newest scrapbooking trend is to scrapbook on my lunch breaks at work. Funny, I know, but I work with a lot of talented artists: photographers and designers. So getting their feedback is always great.

I had this photo of Dan saved on my desk for the longest time. Its my MOST favorite photo I've ever taken of him. When my box from Everything Scrapp'n arrived with the Pink Paislee Fetching line, I knew it was a perfect match. Of course I threw in some Hambly wood grain and film strips for good measure. I stamped a wood grain pattern and then embossed on it with some brown Zing embossing powder by American Crafts. I have always loved stamping and think I have a new love towards the art of embossing! And I must say, I love that Michael's is carrying Tim Holtz products. YAY! I've been going back and forth about adding a title or not. We'll see if I can manage to find something that is suitable.

I bought a TON of American Crafts Backyard & Craft Fair paper to the point that I'll probably be making stuff with it for the next 6 months or more! I had a few cards to make so why not use up some left over scraps from my latest mini? I made this with my cousin Dominique in mind. The owls are too cute, I had to incorporate them into the card title work.
I made this card right in front of Gary and he had no idea what was going on. He was so sweet, he said he always keeps all of his cards. The happy birthday stamp was embossed with Zing embossing powder.
I just finished reading Ali Edward's book A Designer's Eye for Scrapbooking today. It was really cool to see how she designs her pages and the simple sketches she uses. I put a hold on her other book, Sharing Your Story at my local library almost as soon as I picked up the first one. I was thrilled to have it waiting for me when I was done! I get the biggest adrenaline rush from finishing a book and my next trip to the library! Hope your weekend is going great. I'm off to a summer BBQ.


Nat said...

that is such a beautiful layout!! Love the woodgrain. Also the cards!

Holly said...

Love, love, love your page and cards, Michelle! I haven't embossed in a while, but you totally inspired me to pull out the DRAWER full of embossing powders that are just collecting dust!

Melissa said...

Beautiful layout, Michelle! Looks like you've been busy!!

Have a lovely week!

danilouwho said...

I want the "sharing your story" book so badly, it's got just lovely stuff in it, every time I thumb through it at Archivers I wish I could buy it!

Love the layout - so pretty!
I really think I need to try embossing again... I'm always about trying new ways to add texture!

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